Know about pre-insurance medical check-up in health insurance

Health insurance plans prove to be very helpful in future medical emergencies. These schemes allow policyholders to pay medical bills without spending their money. That is, health plans provide cover towards medical expenses. However insurers recommend pre medical checkups and tests before issuing the policy to the customers. So through this article, we are going to tell you how important pre-medical checkup is in a health insurance plan and what are the benefits and losses of it.

Do not be afraid to get a medical test

To understand the health status of the applicant, medical checkup is done by the insurance companies before issuing the policy. Insurance companies specify several eligibility criteria to provide coverage to customers. Insurance coverage is decided on the basis of your age, gender, lifestyle, habits, and payment of premium. A medical checkup is usually done for a person over a certain age before issuing a policy. Usually insurance companies ask customers over 40 to have a medical test before issuing the policy.

What do customers benefit from having a medical test?

Today, a variety of insurance products exist in the market. Every insurance company wants to attract as many customers as possible. Insurance companies pay the medical examination expenses of the customers themselves to attract customers. Before issuing the policy, insurance companies want to know the health status of the customers by conducting a medical examination. Coverage and premium amount are decided on the basis of health condition. People often think that if a disease or problem arises in a medical test, the insurance companies reject the application. However, this does not happen in most cases. When the person’s condition is very bad, the rejection of the application becomes the need of insurance companies. Conversely, having a medical test helps you to get adequate coverage and you also get the right information about your health, so that you can be alert for further. Before giving the policy, the medical companies get information about the health of the applicant by conducting a medical test and according to this, they are able to take various decisions related to the policy correctly. For example smokers have to pay higher premium amount. This type of habit can only be identified through medical tests. Other pre-existing diseases can also be identified through medical tests. In this way the company can protect its interests. Medical tests also make the claim settlement process easier.

What happens after a medical test?

Medical checkup is done before issuing a policy to identify serious health conditions. Sometimes test results surprise applicants who were previously unaware of their health status. So if your medical test reveals any serious illness or lifestyle related diseases, then the company can take the following steps –

Increase in premium amount of health insurance If you come to know of some disease in the medical test, then insurance companies can issue you the policy with a higher premium. Along with this, the insurance premium is decided based on the age of the customer and the severity of the disease.

Permanently Refusal – Sometimes insurance companies provide insurance coverage with the condition that the insurance company will not be liable to pay for pre-existing diseases or illnesses encountered during medical tests. However this happens when the insurer considers the disease as very risky. In this case the policyholder cannot claim for the expenses of the specified illness.

Rejection – Sometimes someone is diagnosed with a disease that can threaten their life or is likely to cost a lot to treat. In such a situation insurance companies may refuse to issue the policy to the applicant.

Claims are less likely to be rejected

People are often afraid of getting a medical examination. They do not feel comfortable conducting medical examination. Along with this, customers applying for insurance also refrain from getting a medical examination, as they consider it as a barrier to acceptance of their application. They think that this may lead to their proposal being rejected. But it is always in your benefit to get your medical examination done before taking a policy. Even though sometimes you may have to pay higher premium after doing this, but it makes you aware of your current health status and when the insurance company and you have the right and complete information about yourself, then it will help in future. Disputes or confusion do not arise during claim settlement, ie medical test protects the policy holder from rejection of claims during claim settlement.

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