Pakistan Terrorist Module: All metro cities of India were on target, orders for serial blasts were received from Karachi

The Pakistan-backed Terrorist Module had planned a series of bomb blasts across the country. This module was busted two days back in a multi-state operation. According to CNN-News18, this information has been received from the sources who got information about the interrogation of Zeeshan Qamar (28), one of the six people arrested. Sources said that this gang wanted to carry out serial terror attacks in all metro cities. Zeeshan told investigators during interrogation that he heard the plan from his trainer in Karachi.

Top intelligence sources told CNN-News18 that the arrests are a major achievement for the security forces, as at least five serial blasts across the country were averted after six people were caught in the early stages.

Investigation agencies are now looking for 6-7 more suspects in this case and their arrest is also likely in the coming days. Sources said that the Pakistani trainers of the module had asked Zeeshan and other accused to meet these 6-7 people on their way back to India.

Sources further said that these trainers were sent to Karachi farm house, where the six accused underwent training for more than 15 days on activities related to IED, weapons and arson. The trainers told them clearly that they do not train small groups, but they train large groups like Jaish or Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The Special Cell of Delhi Police and Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday busted the terror module and arrested six persons, including two Pak-ISI trend terrorists. The module had planned multiple blasts across the country including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra during the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Ramlila.

The accused have been identified as Jan Mohammad Sheikh (47) from Maharashtra, Osama (22) from Delhi, Moolchand (47) from Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh, Zeeshan Qamar (28) of Allahabad, Mohammad Abu Bakr (23) of Bahraich and Mohammad Amir from Lucknow. Javed (31).

The operation cost around Rs 3 lakh, which was transferred from Dubai by Osama’s father Osadur. Osadur is likely to be handed over to India soon and the Indian government is pressurizing the Dubai authorities for the same.

Jan Mohamed Sheikh was tasked with taking explosives from the “D-Company” or underworld and transporting them to other parts of the country. The module revealed the nexus between Pak-ISI and the underworld in coordinating terrorist activities.

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