Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a kind of policy which covers all the risks while traveling for a specific traveler. If one gets any injury, loss of luggage or any delay/missed flights all are included while traveling to a foreign country or within the country. One would be able to get compensation if he/she face any problem while traveling.  Even in case of any illness where hospitalization is needed the travel insurance policy will pay for all the expenses at that time.

Highlights of Travel Insurance

Delay or Missed Flight Cover

Travel insurance is here to cover your loss if you have missed your flight due to unfortunate condition or flight cancellation.

Medical Cover

Yes, if you are away from your own country and for a sudden if your health becomes worse than travel insurance will also pay for medical examination.

Luggage or Passport Loss Cover

No need to worry as travel insurance is here to cover your loss. The travel insurance coverage will provide you with assistance for loss of any materialistic thing. For example- passport, important documents, luggage and so on.

Importance of Travel Insurance Plan

  • You love to travel in different countries and often on a tour from one country to another.
  • Then travel insurance is the best thing which you can opt for. You will be able to get the best assistance throughout your journey at any time of emergency.
  • Even one doesn’t have to worry about any expenses if any miss-happening happened on the way.
  • Along with that travel insurance companies are trying to provide the best solution for their customers. The plans which are being provided by the travel insurance companies carry all the necessary coverage.
  • You will feel secure while traveling from one place to another either domestically or internationally.

Let’s understand by an example:- 

Rakesh, working in a tourism company. He usually has to take a tour to many countries or the states. He loves his job a lot and hence he always tries to give his hundred percent to the job so that he could get the best compliments from all his seniors.

This is a story of 2017 when Rakesh and his wife was on a tour in a vocation. They were traveling to an Asian country from India. Both reached the country but the very next day when his wife checked there bag she realized that they had lost their passports. Maybe the handbag was left in the airport at the time of interchange.

They got worried about how they will be going to get the handbag back which is carrying passport along with some important documents. After a lot of hassles, they finally contacted the airport authorities and after filling too much of papers after 1-week they got their passports back from the airport authorities. But it was too difficult to complete the whole procedure and also Rakesh has to pay a huge fine for the same.

After coming back from the trip, he realized that there must be some solution to this problem. After that, he researched a lot to know about the solution for securing the journey while traveling to a new place and finally he got to know about the travel insurance plan from the InvestPolicy website.

Then after researching about the policy, he got to know that he can easily get the information about all the insurance plans being provided by different companies here and one can choose the best as per their needs.

Travel Insurance Benefits

To the best insurance plan first, you have to go through all its features. To provide you with an ease in purchasing the same we are giving some of the basic features and the advantages of travel insurance plan below.

  • Flight Missed or Canceled Get Compensation: If your flight gets delayed or canceled due to any tribulation then you will be able to get compensation from the side of travel Insurance Company. Even accommodation will also be provided to you for the waiting period.
  • Unfortunate Condition of Hospitalization: If during your tour you have to get hospitalized due to any medical emergency then the financial assistance will be provided by the travel insurance plan.
  • Remote Areas Are Also Covered Under Travel Insurance: While traveling to any remote area, normally, you will not be able to get the proper medical facilities and hence at that time the insurance will provide you with the best assistance with all the airlifting expenses. As in case you have to admit to the hospital urgently through any medium like aircraft which is costly so one can’t afford to do the same.
  • Dental Problems Are Also Covered: Generally while traveling people face dental problems which may get worse if not treated timely. Therefore, which type of travel insurance is also covering these types of problems?
  • Will Make You Feel Stress-Free: Yes while traveling to any other country the travelers are worried about the safety and security along with any miss happening. Therefore, travel insurance will help you to start your trip with a stress-free mind and enjoy the whole trip to the optimum level without any pressure of facing a bad situation.
  • Baggage Compensation Is Also Provided: If in case your baggage lost or stolen then you will also be able to get compensation from the side of the travel Insurance Company. As when one goes to another country as a tourist, it is very common off facing problems like lost or stolen baggage. At the time the tourist has to face a major loss this travel insurance companies are also compensating for the same.
  • The Whole Family Could Be Covered: While traveling with your family it is very important to look after their safety and security. Hence, children are up to the age of 21 years and there is no pre-existing disease to them then the whole family could be covered under a single plan.
  • Liability Coverage: If you had an accident while traveling to another place and due to which the property of somebody else living there is damaged then the travel insurance company is liable to compensate for the loss on your behalf.
  • Assistance During Any Disaster: Natural disasters are unpredictable and hence you cannot say that what you are going to do in a situation like disasters, floods and so on. But the travel insurance is providing us assistance in any troubling situation and will send the required help to you at the time of need.

      Different Type of Travel Insurance Plans

      There are many types of travel insurance policies available in the market right now and you can choose the best according to your needs and requirements. You just have to make sure that all the things are being covered under your insurance policy.

      1. Domestic Travel Insurance

      It is a type of insurance which assists a traveler in time of emergency while traveling domestically. The Travellers who are traveling within a country can opt for this travel insurance. Under which all the permanent disability, death or losses are being covered. Along with that any personal liability or the delay in your travel will be covered and you will be compensated for the same.

      1. International Travel Insurance

      International Travel Insurance plan will help the international traveler in the case where they need financial assistance or medical assistance due to any emergency. If an individual is traveling from one country to another then they have to face many contingencies while traveling. So in any unfortunate condition life hijack of the plane, loss of baggage, medical emergencies and so on are also being covered under this insurance plan.

      1. Student Travel Insurance

      This plan will provide financial or medical assistance to the students who are going to study in another city or country. If a student is going abroad or to any other state then they can choose this plan. As in the case of any miss-happening the insurance company will be liable to provide you with assistance.

      1. Medical Travel Insurance

      It is a kind of travel insurance in which the medical assistance will be provided to the traveler in case of any medical emergency during the journey. This will cover all the bills to be paid to the hospital and along with that post-hospitalization assistance will also be provided under this plan.

      1. Group Travel Insurance

      This plan is providing help to the groups in case of emergency who are traveling for a specific purpose. A group is going to any other place to explore the beauty. It is very important to look after the security and safety of the whole group by the group leader. Henceforth, to eliminate any problematic situation group insurance could be purchased to get the issues resolved.

      1. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

      This plan is helping the senior citizen at the time of an emergency while traveling from one place to another. Both financial or medical assistance will be provided as per the need. When the senior citizens are traveling after the age of 61 to 70 years then they can opt for senior citizen travel insurance. All the facilities will be provided to them in case of any tribulation.

      How To Select The Best Travel Insurance Policy?

      To select the best travel insurance policy for yourself you can get help from  Here you can easily get the comparison between all the plans in a few minutes. All the information about different types of plans is being provided by the InvestPolicy so that one could easily choose the best plan as per their preference and requirement.

      InvestPolicy is trying to provide you information about the best travel insurance plans along with their merits and the features.

      The different travel insurance policies are providing different types of coverage for the customers. Therefore, choose the best according to your requirements you have to go through all the policies. Henceforth, after that only you will be able to select the one which is up to your requirements and needs.

      How one can compare and choose the best travel insurance plan?

      To compare the travel insurance plan you have to see some of the important factors which may differentiate one plan from the other. Those differentiating factors are given below:

      1. Insurance Company Brand

      Yes, the goodwill of the insurance company will make you think positive to be reliable on them for your travel. As trust is very important for any investment therefore, in this case, the same trust has to be from both sides.

      1. Will you be able to afford?

      As to pay the premiums to get and travel insurance plan and hence you have to compare the premiums also to check your affordability.

      1. Less Hassle While Claiming

      To please the level of Hustle while claiming you have to make sure in advance that how convenient it is to get the claim from the insurance company at the time of need. One has to check that the company is providing the claim on time very conveniently to the customers and you also have to go through all the exclusions of the company.

      1. Travel Itinerary

      Your itinerary will also decide how much premium you have to pay for the insurance company to get the best travel insurance plan.

      1. Time And Days of Travel

      This will also increase or decrease the premium amount which you have to pay to the company as less number of days will be proportional to the fewer premiums and vice versa.

      1. Why You Are Traveling?

      One also has to check that for what purpose you are traveling as if you are traveling with family, you can opt for family travel insurance and if you are traveling individually for medical purpose then you can opt for medical travel insurance and so on.

      1. Your Age Will Also Determine The Amount of Premium

      For the person who is traveling under the age of 25 will be different from the premium for a person who is 45 years old.

      1. What Sum Insured You Are Getting?

      Generally, it depends upon the premium that how much sum insured you will get. But the different plans also carry different sum insured values.

      1. Coverage

      One also has to see the coverage before opting for any plan. It is very important to see how much things are being covered under a single plan.

      Steps to Buy The Best Travel Insurance Plan

      • Go to the official website of the company which you want to opt for.
      • After that go to the option where you can fill the form for availing the insurance plan.
      • After submitting the form you will get the response of the insurance company that you selected to get the insurance plan.
      • If your application form is passed then you will be able to get the travel insurance plan easily.

      How To Calculate The Insurance Premiums?

      After going to all the information now if you are satisfied that travel insurance is very important while traveling individually or with your family both. Then now you can go ahead to know about the premiums and how these premiums are calculated.

      This Premium for different plans is generally calculated based on a few things which are given below:

      • The type of travel insurance plan you want to get.
      • The number of days and the time of travel have to be mentioned while submitting a form for calculating your premium.
      • Several Travelers’ and their ages have to be mentioned in the form.
      • The origin and the destination place have to be mentioned precisely.
      • The family income of the person who is submitting the form has to be filed along with the basic details like gender, date of birth and so on.

      Therefore, after filling the whole details the premium calculator will help you to calculate the desired rate for the premiums for the whole travel. Hence, this way you can calculate the premium for your travel.


      These are the conditions under which a person is not eligible to get the claim. There are different exclusions for different plans which are mentioned below:

      1. For International Travel Insurance Plan- If the individual is found in activities like drugs, terrorism, AIDS/ spa treatment, suicide then he or she will not be able to get the claim from the side of the insurance company.
      2. For Student Travel Insurance Plan- Student is traveling to the high-risk areas or have any pre-existing ailments or any unattended loss like of passport or any important documents will not be covered under the plan.
      3. For a Senior Citizen, Family or Corporate Travel Insurance Plan- For all emergencies due to any adventurous Sports, pre-existing disease, and drugs involvement like things will make all of them ineligible for getting the claim at the time of emergency.

      Similarly, every company or the plan has its exclusions which have been mentioned above. Under a situation where exclusion is applicable then the person will not be able to get assistance from the side of the company.


      The coverage is being provided and the compensation given to a traveler all are known as inclusions of the travel insurance plan. The different inclusion for all the plans is mentioned below:

      1. For International Travel Plan– If the person is having any International trip then any delay in the flight or misconnected flights will be covered. Along with this, any emergency for hospitalization or any loss of documents will also be covered.
      1. For Student Travel Plan– If the person is having a student travel plan then any accidental death benefit will be provided along with any permanent disability benefit. Apart from this, the loss of any important document or medical screening will be covered under the plan.
      1. Family Travel Insurance Plan– While traveling with a family there are many chances to stuck in emergencies like medical emergency, baggage loss, important document loss or burglary coverage and so on. All of the mentioned along with some others are being covered under the single plan.
      1. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan– Under this plan for senior citizen traveling if any medical emergency happens then the full assistance will be provided, any unfortunate condition of loss of any important thing will also be covered.

      Therefore, the inclusions can also vary from one company to another and hence one has to see properly before choosing the one plan.

      Eligibility Criteria

      Travel Insurance PlanCoverage
      International Travel Insurance Plan2 adults up to 60 years and 2 children up to 21 years.
      Domestic Travel Insurance Plan2 adults up to 60 years and 2 children up to 21 years.
      Student Travel Insurance PlanUp to age 16 to 34/40 years.
      Family Travel Insurance Plan2 adults up to 60 years and 2 children up to 20/21 years.
      Senior Citizen Travel Insurance PlanUp to age 85 years.
      Group Travel Insurance PlanFor any business group or the official trip.

      Best Travel Insurance Plans in India 2019

      Name of the Plan CoverageBenefitsExclusions
      Apollo Munich Travel Insurance PlanThe annual trip, family tour, or individual traveler.Cancellation, Loss of belongings, medical emergency and so on.Pre-existing tribulations, No European plan will get covered.
      Bharti Axa Travel Insurance PlanIndividual, family and annual travels are covered.Emergency financial assistance, Schengen plan, Compensation for the 2-way trip.Any pre-existing problem.
      HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance PlanIndividual, family, student and annual travels are covered.Loss of bag, Cancellation of trip or flight, any disorder treatment.Any pre-existing disease, drunken traveler.
      Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance PlanThe annual trip, family tour, or individual, student, and senior citizen traveler.Loss of bag, Cancellation of trip or flight, 2way compensation, bail charges, and any disorder treatment.Any pre-existing disease, drunken traveler and unattended passport.
      Iffco Tokio Travel Insurance PlanOnly individual traveler is covered.Cash when needed urgently.Any pre-existing disease.
      Reliance Travel Insurance PlanThe annual trip, family tour, or individual, student, and senior citizen traveler.Loss of bag, Cancellation of trip or flight, 2-way trip compensation, bail charges, and any disorder treatment.Any pre-existing disease, involved in any spa treatment, drunken issue.
      Star Health Travel Insurance PlanOnly individual traveler.Any missed cancellation or delay of the flight.Any pre-existing disease.

      Is Comparing Travel Insurance Plans Is Important?

      It is not like that if you are traveling then you can opt for any travel insurance plan and go ahead. As the travel insurance one has to choose is dependent upon the type of travel is being done by that person.

      For example, Sunita is traveling to Kerala from Delhi she has to out for domestic travel insurance plan and on the other hand, if Ram is traveling to America from India then the type of travel insurance plan he has to choose his international travel insurance plan.

      Along with this some other factors also decide which plan you are going to opt or not. Those are given below:

      • Will Help To Choose The Best Plan: You could compare and select the best one of all the plans.
      • Will Help To Select According To Your Budget: Yes, type of travel insurance plan you are choosing and the premium you are paying for it will also get cleared after comparing all.
      • Make Your Journey Easier: After getting a travel insurance plan you will be stress-free while going on the trip.
      • Security Level Will Increase: When you have the best plan your hand your security will increase automatically as you will get assistance on time.

      Why Compare Travel Insurance Plan Online?

      If you are going with the manual method of visiting the different travel insurers and collecting their plans then it will be a very long process and time-consuming one. On the other, on InvestPolicy you are getting the same assistance in a few minutes in a very representable manner. Therefore, choosing the hassle-free manner which can also save your time is the best. The policy is providing you with online assistance to compare these plans.

      Even the plans online will help you to get the authentic information and no one would be there to change your mind by their suggestions. Through the InvestPolicy you can information about all the plans and then decide to choose the best as your choice.

      The team of InvestPolicy is also trying to provide the best assistance to their readers. Even the information provided by the platform is authentic and fully researched. The following things make the policy different from all others:

      1. InvestPolicy is the best online website to get information about all the insurance plans.
      2. The provided information from the side of InvestPolicy is fully research without any biasing.
      3. InvestPolicy doesn’t charge a penny from their readers for providing the information.
      4. Even the InvestPolicy is directing you to how to purchase any insurance plan through online mode by sitting at your home.


      1. Is the cancellation for the policy is allowed?
      • Yes, if the person hasn’t started their journey yet then the policy can be canceled. In such cases, all the required documents have to be provided to the insurance company and then they will deduct a small amount from the premium and then return you.
      1. Is it necessary to carry travel insurance along with me at trip?
      • If you are going to start your trip then it is advisory to carry the papers of travel insurance but in case if you forget to do so, then you can easily get the travel insurance paper if you have your policy number or the customer ID.
      1. Will the financial assistance in terms of money provided to me?
      • If in any case due to any robbery, theft or mugging the traveler lost their cards and money then the insurance company is bound to provide financial assistance to the traveler as quick as possible.
      1. If there is any change in itinerary will the premiums will be refunded to me?
      • No, generally this condition is not applicable if you shorten your journey. But these will come under the exclusions of every company and you have to check them before.
      1. If the plane gets Hijacked or the kidnapping case is there what will be the compensation?
      • If due to any unfortunate condition like this the company is bound to pay and compensation to the family member of the insured person.
      1. What does repatriation mean?
      • If in any case, the person has to shift urgently to their home country due to a medical emergency then medical repatriation will be given.
      1. Loss of important documents passport will be covered or not?
      • Yes, if in any case any of your important document for the passport lost by you then the company will help you to get the duplicate copy of the same for temporary purpose easily.
      1. Personal Liabilities are covered?
      • In any case, due to the accident, the property of any other person of that particular place gets damaged then the compensation will be provided from the side of the insurance company. But this rule has to be checked before you opt for an insurance plan.
      1. Why should I choose InvestPolicy to get information about the plans?
      • The InvestPolicy is trying to provide the best information to the readers so that they can get to know about all the plans in detail at one place. There is no need to go to various websites to check about various plans as InvestPolicy is providing detailed information.
      1. Eligibility criteria to buy travel insurance?
      • The eligibility criteria for all the plans may differ from company to company but the basic criteria are that the individual has to be above the age of 3 years and below 80 years.
      1. Why I should opt for student travel insurance plan?
      • When individuals go to any other place for study purposes for a long time the security of the individual at the same time is the utmost priority. Therefore, to get the best assistance at the time of emergency the student travel insurance plan is a must to be purchased by the person. Otherwise, it may be compulsory for the students going to the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain to carry the student travel insurance plan with them.
      1. What is cashless assistance?
      • Every insurance company provides an E-card to the insured person. So, at the time of any medical emergency or problem, they can swap the card to pay for the same. Therefore, it is known as the cashless facility provided by different travel insurance companies.
      1. Is travel insurance is available for senior citizens?
      • Yes, if any Traveller is between the ages of 71 to 85 most of the insurance companies are providing them with travel insurance. But exclusions maybe there so go through the plan properly.
      1. The coverage period of a plan?
      • Single Trip- The insurance cover will start when you start your travel from the arrival point and the whole trip will be covered for that specific time.
      • Multiple Trip-  In this case, if a person is going to have multiple trips in a year then they can cover several trips in single insurance plans and coverage for a single trip under them are for 30 to 60 days.
      1. How much premium has to be paid?
      • The premium for different travel insurance plans will be different and depends upon the type of trip, time of the trip, Number of persons being covered, number of days, and the reason for having a trip. All are together decided the amount of premium one has to be paid for the insurance plan.
      1. How I can choose the best travel insurance plan?
      • To choose the best travel insurance one has to look after their requirements and their capability of paying the premiums. After this only they will be easily able to choose the best plan.
      1. Documents required claiming under a single plan?
      • One has to show the bills, prescriptions, vouchers and other written documents for claiming for money.
      • The stamp and precise medicines have to be shown in the prescription.
      • If in case of death the official documents that are death certificate have to be provided to the insurance company from the side of the Nominee.
      • The decision given by the Court has to be provided in case of any loss of baggage or personal liability.
      • Along with these basic things if any other document is required by the insurance company then it has to be submitted by the insured person to get the claim. In case of any document is not submitted at précised time then the claim will get rejected.
      1. The time for domestic travel has to be?
      • If an individual is having a domestic then travel must be of four or more days to get the insurance plan. If the travel is of less than 4 days then the individual will not be eligible to get the travel insurance plan.