This stock included in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio lost 27% in 1 month, should you buy it?

Vijay Kedia portfolio: Retail investors often look at portfolios of top investors to make their investment decisions. Vijay Kedia is also one such investor who is known for spotting hidden interests. However, even veteran investors like Vijay Kedia are not guaranteed to make profits all the time.

A stock in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio has lost about 27 per cent in the last one month. The name of this stock is Ramco Systems

According to stock market veterans, this stock included in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio is close to its support base. Experts say that now if this stock rises by Rs 35-40, then once again a bounce back can be seen in it.

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Rohit Singre of LKP Securities says that this IT stock is looking close to the strong support zone of Rs 430-450. Now a bounceback can be expected from here, but if it breaks its support zone, then it may face further weakness. In view of this, those who have this stock are advised to hold this stock with a stop loss of Rs 430.

Avinash Gorakshkar of Profitmart Securities It is said that the IT sector will definitely benefit in the next 2-3 years. Ramco Systems is also an IT sector company. It will also benefit from the boom of this sector.

For those who want to buy new in this stock, Rohit Singre advises that they should buy fresh in this stock only when it sees bounce back and it manages to stay above Rs 500. Once above Rs 500, this stock will reach into the profitable buying zone and after that it can also see the level of Rs 650-700.

Let us inform that in the first quarter of FY 2022, Vijay Kedia has increased his stake in this stock. Vijay Kedia’s stake in Remco Systems stood at 1.80 per cent for the quarter ended June 2021.

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