This healthcare stock ran more than 300% in 1 month, again the level of Rs 2,000 is possible, what do you have

Healthcare & Wellness Company Nureca Ltd.’s shares have given decent returns in the last 7 months. This company comes in the smallcap segment. This stock has been the second biggest gainer in the listed IPO in 2021. Over this period only Laxmi Organic Industries Which has given a return of 360 percent from its IPO price so far.

The issue price of Nureca was Rs 400. At the same time, on 16 September 2021, the stock closed at 1,732.60, showing an increase of 333 percent from its issue so far. In February this year on the day of listing, the stock was settled at 666.65 with a premium of 66.66 on BSE.

Aparajita Saxena of Trustline Securities It is said that due to the Corona epidemic, awareness about health has increased among the people. In such a situation, the demand for products like pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, weighing machine and nebulizer has increased, which is benefiting companies like Nureca. Apart from this, the company is completely debt free and its ROE (return on equity) is quite good.

Aparajita Saxena is of the view that the stock will continue to rally in the coming quarters due to strong demand and launch of innovative and user friendly products from the company.

Market experts are of the opinion that soon this stock may once again touch the level of Rs 2000. Let us tell you that this stock touched a record high of Rs 2,000.70 on 4 August 2021. At the same time, on 16 September 2021, it closed at the level of 1,732.60. Aparajita Saxena also says that the trend remains positive for this stock. If the stock stays above Rs 1,500, then the Rs 2,000 level can be seen again.

He further said that if you know above Rs 2000, then a big breakout can be seen in this stock and it can go up to Rs 2,200 and then up to Rs 2,480. On the downside, support is visible at Rs 1,470 and Rs 1,350.

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