Straight Deal (May 18) – 20 best-earning stocks where strong profits will be found

At CNBC-Awaaz, we have brought you a unique match, which is beneficial for you. With the fun of T20 in a straight deal, you will get many opportunities to trade in the stock market today.

Actually, in this show we will give you information about the 20 stocks in which you can make profit by trading today. Even if those stocks rise or fall, you will only go by giving benefits. That is, you can earn strong by getting advice on buying or selling 20 shares today.

Our first team captain is research analyst Neeraj Vajpayee. Let us know which stocks are included in his team.

Neeraj’s team

MRPL: Buy-Rs 48.65, Target-51, Stoploss-Rs 48

GLAND PHARMA: buy -2792 rupees, target-2900 rupees, stoploss-2760 rupees

GNFC: Buy-Rs.400, Target-Rs.425, Stoploss-Rs.395

KINGS INFRA: buy -30.20 rupees, target-36.20 rupees, stoploss-29.50 rupees

QUICK HEAL: Buy-Rs 227, Target-Rs 243, Stoploss-Rs 232

CHEVIOT: Buy – Rs 960, Target – Rs 1150, Stoploss – Rs 940

LT FOODS: Buy-Rs.84.80, Target-Rs.100, Stoploss-Rs.84

KRBL: Buy-Rs 226, Target-Rs 233, Stoploss-Rs 232

ROUTE MOBILE: Buy – Rs. 1535, Target – Rs. 1600, Stop Loss – Rs. 1525

GUJARAT ALKALIES: Buy -416 rupees, Target -430 rupees, Stoploss -410 rupees

Our second team captain is research analyst Ashish Verma. Let us know which stocks are included in his team.

Ashish Team of

PVR: Buy – Rs 1156, Target – Rs 1185, Stoploss – Rs 1146

SPICEJET: Buy-Rs. 70.3, Target-Rs. 73, Stoploss-Rs. 69.5

TAJ GVK: Buy-Rs 116.3, Target-Rs 121, Stop Loss-Rs 115

UFO MOVIEZ: Buy Rs.73.2, Target Rs.76, StopLoss Rs.72.75

MUKTA ARTS: Buy-Rs 31, Target-Rs 33, Stop Loss-Rs 30.75

NUCLEUS SOFTWARE: buy -559 rupees, target-575 rupees, stoploss-555 rupees

JAYSHREE TEA: Buy-Rs 99.5, Target-Rs 108, Stop Loss-Rs 99

ROSSELL INDIA: Buy -122.3 rupees, target-130 rupees, stoploss-121 rupees

ORIENT CEMENT: buy -121.6 rupees, target -124 rupees, stoploss-120.5 rupees

PANACEA BIOTECH: Buy – Rs 385, Target – Rs 400, Stoploss – Rs 382

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