Straight deal (June 23) – 20 best earning stocks where you will get strong profits

On CNBC-Awaaz, we bring to you a unique match that is beneficial for you. With the fun of T20 in direct deal, you will get many opportunities to trade in the stock market today.

Actually, in this show we will give you information about 20 stocks in which you can earn profit by trading today. Even if those shares rise or fall, they will give you profit. That is, by getting advice on buying or selling 20 stocks today, you can earn a strong income.

Our first team captain is research analyst Neeraj Bajpai. Let us know which stocks are included in his team.

Neeraj’s team

MOREPEN LAB: Buy – Rs 64.60, Target – Rs 80, Stop Loss – Rs 62

WOCKHARDT: Buy-Rs 600, Target Rs.660, Stop Loss Rs.590

SHILPA MEDI: Buy-Rs 547, Target-Rs 570, Stop Loss-Rs 542

HPL ELECTRIC: Buy – Rs 61.20, Target – Rs 70, Stop Loss – Rs 60

SUBEX: Buy – Rs 58.70, Target – Rs 80, Stop Loss – Rs 57

EIL: Buy – Rs.82, Target – Rs.90, Stoploss – Rs.80

GANDHI SPL TUBES: Buy Rs.418, Target Rs.440, Stop Loss Rs.412

S CHAND: Buy-Rs 116, Target-Rs 125, Stop Loss-Rs 114

MINDA IND: Buy Rs-642, Target Rs.660, Stoploss Rs.630

CENTURY PLY BOARD: Buy -409, Target Rs.425, Stop Loss Rs-406

Our second team is captained by Research Analyst Ashish Verma. Let us know which stocks are included in his team.

Ashish team of

ITI: Buy – Rs. 127.50, Target – Rs. 131, Stop Loss Rs.-126.5

BEL: Buy – Rs.151.3, Target – Rs.155, Stoploss – Rs.150

SCI: Buy Rs-113.60, Target Rs.121, Stop loss Rs.113

BALMER LAWRIE INVEST: Buy Rs.477, Target Rs.495, Stoploss Rs.474

THOMAS COOK: Buy – Rs 63, Target – Rs 66, Stop Loss – Rs 62.5

EASY TRIP PLANNERS: Buy-Rs 399.5, Target Rs.415, Stoploss Rs.395

JAYSHREE TEA: Buy-Rs 105, Target-Rs 109, Stop Loss-Rs 104.5

GOODRICKE GROUP: Buy-Rs-278.7, Target Rs.288, Stoploss Rs.277

DONEAR INDUSTRIES: Buy – Rs.40.5, Target Rs.42.5, Stop Loss Rs.40.1

INDO TECH: Buy-Rs 150, Target-Rs 164, Stop Loss-Rs 148.90

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