Quarter finals of the earnings game of the stock market, where you will earn strongly in the next 3 days

New players are set to compete on the second business day of the new week. This week, Samit Chavan of Angel Broking, Rupak De of IIFL and Ashish Kyal of Wavesstrategy.Com are up against. Where they will tell their top ideas in which there can be strong earnings.

What are the rules of the game

This is a real show in the stock market, real money will be used in it. The show will have three analysts. Each analyst will give three calls to buy or sell. Only 3 calls will be open at a time. Analysts can change their calls twice a day. Their calls will have a ratio of 3 on 1 in Target and Stoploss.

Under this game, calls will be given for the first time every Monday at 11 am. Apart from this, you can give calls anytime from Tuesday. Returns will be shown at the time of market closing. The winner will be announced on Friday after 3.30 PM. In this game no less than 10 shares will be taken and the sell call will not be given in the cash segment.


At the end of the first day, the returns of the players are as follows

Samit Chavan returns 11.38 percent

Metaphor Day gave a negative return of 0.24 percent

Ashish Kayal gave negative return of 0.84 percent

Sameer Chavan of Angel Broking Said that unless there is a crucial level break in the index, it should be avoided in the trade. PSU stocks have been doing well for the last few days. Therefore, focus should be on PSU stocks.

Ashish Kayal of Wavesstrategy.Com Giving an opinion on the market, today’s trend of the market seems to be limited but our strategy will be to buy in the fall. Smallcaps and midcaps are seeing good action. Due to the gap in the market, some stocks have seen a decline which is predictable but in today’s business, our outlook will be bullish.

IIFL Metaphor Day Giving feedback on the market, the Nifty did not cross the 15000 level despite the rise in the last few days in the market and it has seen a decline today but it did not break its level of 14750 and bought some special stocks from lower levels It is seen that, even today, staus specific shopping should be done.


Disclaimer: Buy / Sell opinion of the shares stated in the player No.1 show is the opinion of the expert. CNBC-Awaaz or Moneycontrol does not take responsibility for this, please take the opinion of your financial advisor before making any deal.

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