Put heart on stocks on Valentine’s Day, these shares will make you rich

Give the name Ishq, Pyaar, Mohabbat anything. It is a life of life. Life is incomplete without it. By the way, it is said that love and love are very expensive. But love of shares in the stock market can make you rich. The only need is to keep such stocks in your portfolio, who are capable of supporting you. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, today in this special show, we are going to discuss such love stocks, if you romance, your life will live.

Ashish Maheshwari of Arihant Capital, MOFSL with CNBC-Awaaz for revealing great stock on the occasion
K. Hemang Jain and Prakash Dewan of Investment Evangelist have joined.

Prakash Dewan’s Rich Stock: ITC LTD

Prakash recommends buying in this stock. It will get a good movement later. FMCG is doing good business in the business. Therefore, one should shop for a long period.

Ashish Maheshwari’s rich share: P&G HYGIENE

Ashish said that the top brands of the company are Pantene, Head & Shoulders. Feminine has a 50 percent market share in Hygiene. Shampoo has a 27 percent market share. The company’s third quarter results on a year-on-year basis have been good and have shown a 89 per cent jump in profits. At the same time, there is a good demand for the product due to personal hygiene, so one should invest in it.

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Hemang Jani’s rich share: TITAN

Hemang recommends buying in this stock. He says that there has been good growth in the gold jewelery segment. There has been a good recovery in the iWare business. At the same time, margin has been supported by lower rental cost.

Ashish Maheshwari’s rich share: PAGE INDUSTRIES

Ashish said that investing in this stock would be beneficial for investors. The company’s top brands are Jockey, Speedo. There is good growth in the innerware segment in the third quarter. There has been a 5 percent reduction in operating costs due to reduced expenses. There is no debt on the company.

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Prakash Dewan’s Rich Stock: INDIAN HOTELS

Prakash said that footfalls have increased in the hotel since the unlocking. The reduction in expenses is likely to improve the margins for FY 2022. It is a Tata group giant in the hotel sector. Room, restaurant, banquet service. It also does business with India in the US and UK.

Hemang Jani’s Rich Share: INFO EDGE

Hemang said that the company runs websites such as Naukri.com. Explain that traffic has increased on Naukri.com during Kovid. The company’s websites are Jeevansathi.com, 99Acres.com.

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