Multibagger Stocks: Shares rose from Rs 4.42 to Rs 41.85 in just three months, 1 lakh invested Rs 7.31 lakh

Shares of Steel Strips Infrastructures have given 632 per cent returns to their investors in the last three months. On 11 May 2021, the shares of Steel Strips Infrastructures were trading at Rs 4.42. Whereas on August 18, its shares hit an upper circuit and closed at Rs 41.85, up 4.89%.

Accordingly, if you had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of Steel Strips Infrastructures on May 11, 2021, then today your investment would have become Rs 7.31 lakh. Whereas in these three months, the Sensex’s return was only 11.42 percent.

Shares of Steel Strips Infrastructures touched their 52-week high on August 18. For the past few days, this stock has been seeing continuous upper circuits. Shares of Steel Strips Infrastructures is trading above its 20 day, 50 day, 100 day and 200 day moving averages. So far this year, the shares of Steel Strips Infrastructures have given a return of 692.84 per cent.

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The market cap of Steel Strips Infrastructures is Rs 36.17 crore. Talking about just one month, its shares have climbed more than 170 percent.

This small Noida-based company has released the June quarter results on 13 August 2021. The company is in loss and it is very important to understand the business of the company before investing in any shares.

If we talk about the last 11 quarters, then the company has made losses in 10 quarters. The company had a profit of Rs 1.6 crore only in the September 2020 quarter. In the last five fiscal years, Steel Strips Infrastructures has incurred a loss of Rs 0.1 crore, 1.8 crore, 2.2 crore, 2.1 crore and 0.9 crore respectively.

However, despite weak results, the company has outperformed other rivals in the last three months in terms of returns.

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If we look at its rival companies, the shares of Embassy Office have risen 12 percent since May 11, 2021. During this period, there has been a loss of 1 percent in the shares of Mindspace REIT. On the other hand, shares of Anant Raj Industries have gained 28 percent in these three months.

Steel Strips Infrastructures is the Promoter of Ultra Modern SAB Mall in Noida, Managed by Developer. This shopping complex has been designed by renowned Hafeez Contractor. This multi story shopping mall has luxury retail stores.

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