Market Live: Great start of the market, Sensex gained over 500 points, Nifty crossed 14680

09:17 AM

The market has started today with a spectacular growth. Better GDP figures have pleased the market. Cessanx-Nifty opened with a gain of over 1 per cent. Cessanx is trading at a level of 49,608.02 with a gain of 508 points or 1.03 per cent. At the same time, the Nifty is looking at the level of 14694.30 with a strength of 165 points i.e. 1.14 percent. Mid and small cap stocks are also seeing strong growth. The mid-cap index of BSE is showing a gain of 1.17 per cent and the small cap index is 1.32 per cent.

08:00 AM

Chemical stocks may rise today. MCKINSEY said – India is the fastest growing SPECIALTY CHEMICALS market in the world. By 2025, there will be a turnover of $ 40 billion.

07:50 AM

The country’s economy is recovering from Corona’s tremors. GDP growth returned to the Positive Zone in December and has been growing at 0.4%. Minus 8% growth is projected for the entire financial year.

07:40 AM

The second phase of corona vaccination will begin from today. Vaccines will be given to those above 60 years of age. Registration can be done through the Kovin app.

07:30 AM

Veteran investor Warren Buffett expressed confidence in the US economy. Never bet against America and cautioned bond investors, said in a letter to Share Holders.

07:20 AM

RELIANCE has increased its stake in USA-based technology company SkyTran Inc. With the additional investment of 2.67 million dollars, the total share has increased to about 54.5%. RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani said – The acquisition is planned to achieve the goal of high speed, inter connectivity.

07:10 AM

Gold has lost its strength due to strengthening dollar and bond yields. COMEX Gold has fallen 3 per cent to an 8-month low. Gold lost nearly six and a half percent in February. MCX GOLD also slipped below 45800.

07:00 AM

Global markets are showing good signs. SGX Nifty is seeing a bounce of 250 Points. The Dow Futures have also gained momentum from the US $ 1.99 trillion relief package. Most Asian markets are also seeing strength.

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