Kuaishou IPO’s massive listing opens IPO doors for Indian short video apps, know the reason

On the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last month, the world’s third-largest IPO, Kuaishou Technology, had a big listing and the valuation of the company reached $ 160 billion, or about Rs 11.72 lakh crore. This great listing led to the valuation of Chinese video company Tencent Holdings-invested short video startup company Quishou, which is far larger than its rival TikTok, which is a much larger company than Quishou.

The valuation of the company came close to that of the US company Qualcomm, an electronic chip maker, because of the IPO of Quishou, Qualcomm has a total market capital of $ 167 billion, or Rs 12.24 lakh crore. This success story of Kuaishou is being closely watched by India’s short video sharing apps, which have grown rapidly in large numbers after the closure of TicketLock. In the last few months, Indian short video sharing apps have been at the top on Google Playstore. These include many apps such as MX TakaTak, Josh, Sharechat’s Moj and Roposo. Investors in these apps see Kuaishou’s IPO as a major achievement for the sector.

Anand Lunia, who invested in the short video sharing app MOJ, said that we have come to know how to do a non-American company. Now India is expected to invest a large amount of capital in this sector. Recently Google has made a big investment in Josh and InMobi’s Glance, which shows that global investors are turning to Indian short video sharing apps. Anand Luniya said that Kuaishou IPO has opened the doors for many short video sharing apps in the country to raise money through IPO and increase its valuation. He said that the possibility of launching dozens of such IPOs in China in the next few years has increased.

Let us tell you that Kuaishou’s short video sharing app Kwai (KWAI) has 300 million daily active users, while Indian short video sharing apps have 2 to 3 crore daily active users. Karan Bedi, CEO of MX TakaTak, said that the success of the Kuaishou IPO has demonstrated the tremendous potential of the global short video market. At the same time, Sumit Ghosh, CEO of Chingari, another fast-growing short video app, said that in India too, like Chan, many companies can grow together in this market. This is a golden opportunity to invest in India’s short video market.

However, some investors believe that Indian short video sharing apps cannot succeed like Kuaishou as its business model is different. Deepak Gupta, the founding partner of WEH Ventures and investing in the Trell app, said that the biggest source of revenue for Kuaishou is virtual gifts, but it has not worked in India yet.

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