In the game of stock market, a player gave 12% return in just 1 day, where did he bet today?

With the start of a new week at Khiladi No.1 of CNBC-Awaaz, new players are ready to compete. This week, Mudit Goyal of SMC Group, Pradeep Hotchandani of Prudent Broking and Kunal Shah of Derivatives Trading will be competing. Returns given.


Top calls of players of the first day

Pradeep Hotchandani’s top call on the first day was SPENCERS RETAIL which gave a return of 5.2 percent

Kunal Shah’s top call for the first day was ELECON ENGG which gave a return of 7.75 percent


The returns from the stocks suggested by the players on the first day were as follows

At the end of the first day, stocks suggested by Mudit Goyal gave a negative return of 1.68 percent

Stocks recommended by Pradeep Hotchandani gave a return of 3.04 percent at the end of the first day

At the end of the first day, stocks suggested by Kunal Shah gave a return of 12.10 percent

Today’s Suggested Stocks by Experts

Mudit Goyal of SMC Group Earning Stock: BUY FINOLEX IND

Mudit said buy it at 173 level with a stop loss of Rs 100. A target of Rs 112 can be seen in this.

Prudent Broking’s Pradeep Hotchandani is a profitable stock: BUY PERSISTENT

Pradeep said buy it at 3238 level with stoploss of 3134. A target of Rs 3598 can be seen in this.

Kunal Shah’s earning stock in derivatives trading: BUY CONFIDENCE PETRO

Kunal said buy it at 67 level with a stop loss of 62. A target of Rs 75 can be seen in this.

what are the rules of the game

This is a real show of the stock market, in which real money will be used. The show will have three analysts. Each analyst will give three buy or sell calls. Only 3 calls will be open at a time. Analysts can switch their calls twice a day. Their calls will have a 3 to 1 ratio of Target and Stoploss.

Under this game, calls will be given for the first time every Monday at 11 am. Apart from this, calls can be given anytime from Tuesday. Returns will be shown at the time of market close. The winner will be announced on Friday after 3.30 PM. In this game not less than 10 shares will be taken and no sell call will be given in cash segment shares.

Disclaimer: Player No.1 Buy/Sell Opinion of the shares mentioned in the show is the expert’s own opinion. CNBC-Awaaz or Moneycontrol does not take responsibility for this, please consult your financial advisor before entering into any transaction.

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