How is Sensex-Nifty move in the post-budget months, how can we stay ahead

This time Indian markets got the best budget of 22 years till date. On February 1, the Sensex saw a gain of 5 per cent and the Nifty 4.74 per cent. The market is considering this budget as growth oriented.

In the era of the Corona epidemic, the budget was eyeing everyone. As expected, the government took a growth-oriented approach to tide over the economy’s fiscal deficit to tide over the crisis.

The government liked this stance and it performed in stark contrast to its previous performance. The 10-year figures show that in the last 13, 7 budget days, Dalal Street has been dominated by bears. Explain that these 10-year figures also include the figures for the Interim Budget and Budget-2021.

Rohit Gadia of CapitalVia Global Research says that the market has welcomed the budget this time. This budget is forward looking and affordable. It has a special focus on the core sector. The market felt that the government should not levy any additional tax due to Kovid this time. But the government did nothing of the sort. At the same time, the government has given priority to growth in this budget over the physical deficit, which expresses the government’s resolve to bring the economy back on track.

There was no additional tax in the budget, big push to important sectors like health care, steps for the financial sector, the market liked it. This budget promised to achieve the disinvestment target of 1.75 lakh crore. Apart from this, privatization of 2 public sector banks and one general insurance company has also been proposed.

Weekly performance from the day after the budget to date has also been very good. To know how the Nifty will move next, our data for the last 10 years can be useful, which shows that in the month after the budget, both recession and boom have played an equal share. In the last 10 years, there has been a slowdown of 6 times and 6 times in the month after the budget.

Market experts say that due to the budget, continued FII inflows, strong performance of companies and a steady decline in the case of Kovid, this time the budget may be seen in the month of February i.e. February.

Rohit Gadiya says that this month, the market will end its fast. Because in the market we are seeing a large amount of value buying.

Not only has some heavy weight contributed to the recent rally in the market but all sectors are playing their part in this rally. He further said that the market is seeing enthusiasm due to good global signals, strong quarterly results and strong foreign investment. The results of all the big events in 2021 so far have also been very good. Which is seeing a positive impact on the market. He further said that as long as the Nifty maintains the 14700 level, there is a possibility of it going up. A level of 15500 will serve as the Immediate Register for this. Which investors should keep an eye on. Investors should consider any correction as an opportunity to buy for a longer period.

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