Future-circuit stocks got up by 10% on upper circuit, FRL and FEL stocks after Future-RIL Deal cleared

Today, Future Group’s stock witnessed a sharp jump after Future Group (Future Group) cleared the Delhi High Court deal to sell its retail business to Reliance Industries (RIL) for Rs 24,713 crore. An upper circuit of Stocks of all the six companies of Future Group, owned by businessman Kishore Biyani, witnessed tremendous growth today.

The Delhi High Court’s decision to lift the ban on the Future-RIL deal today led to a 2% rise in stocks of RIL along with the Future Group, which led to the company’s stock rising to Rs 1990, but the momentum did not continue and the company Shares of the scrip rose 0.16% to end at Rs 1954.50. In the stock market today, Future Retail Ltd stocks saw an upper circuit of 10% and the company’s shares closed at a price of Rs 80.50. Shares of Future Group, the group’s second company, rose 9.86% to close at Rs 11.78.

Future companies also got upper circuit in these companies

Similarly, shares of Future Market Networks Ltd gained 4.95% to close at Rs 19.15. Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd stocks also saw an upper circuit of 10% and its share prices rose to Rs 91.35. Shares of Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd rose 4.95% to close at Rs 98.60 and Future Consumer Ltd’s shares closed at Rs 8.65 due to 10% upward circuit in Future Consumers Ltd stocks. Happened.

What should investors do now?

Market experts say that as the prices of Future Group stocks rise, its investors should get rid of this stock. Tips2Trade co-founder AR Ramachandran said that investors should take advantage of each upward trend in Future Group’s stocks to exit the company as the legal battle will continue. Experts say that it is a prudent decision for investors to exit from Future Group stocks if the market turns profitable.