Experts recommend high-earning stocks in a short time, which will give strong returns in 1-2 weeks

In this special CNBC-Awaaz show, Haftavasuli, experts will talk about the stocks in which strong movements are being made on the technical charts. Today, in this show, experts will tell which stocks can be traded for the whole week and can make good profit by investors.

The show has been joined by CNBC-Awaaz with Sameet Chavan of Angel Broking, Gaurav Bissa of LKP Securities and Sacchitanand Uttekar of Tradebulls to tell investors the best stocks of earnings.

Opinion on Tradebulls’s Sachithanand Stimulator

Giving an opinion on the market, Sachitanand said that data support is happening near a support in Nifty, Bank Nifty Overall. Here, one should find shopping opportunities from the market point of view. The decline is visible due to selling in the market and the market is close to a bottom, so shopping opportunities should be explored.

Gaurav Bisa of LKP Securities on the market

Gaurav said that this is the third time when the market has come to the level of 14250. There is a breakdown showing in it, however a bounce back can be seen from here. If the Nifty does not hold the level of 14600 then it may see further decline. In this market, one should shop on the downside. Profits can be made at small levels. But selling today will not be advisable.

Samit Chavan of Angel Broking Opinion on the Market

The committee said that the market had seen a recovery after last Monday, which had led to a feeling that a selling pressor would arrive at a higher level. There will be no level break of 32500 in Bank Nifty till then the selling pressor will be seen in it. Stocks are sold here. Except pharma and IT sectors, slowdown in other stocks would be advisable.

Satchitanand Stimulant Stock of Tradebulls: Thyrocare

Satchitananda recommends buying in this stock. He said that shop at the level of 1050 and put a stoploss of 1010 in it. He said that it could see a level of 1160 in 1 to 2 weeks. Sachitanand said that due to Corona, buying in this stock is advisable as increasing stocks will lead to increased testing.

Gaurav Bisa’s Stock of LKP Securities: BAJAJ ELEC

Gaurav recommends buying in this stock. He said that shop with stoploss of 1040 as it can see 1200 levels in 1 week. He further said that there have been strong breakouts in it. It has seen breakout of Triangle pattern and Range pattern. It has appeared in the last 1 hour, as the index is going down, these stocks are going up, so buy into it.

Samit Chavan of Angel Broking: Stock of STRIDES PHARMA

The committee recommends buying in this stock. He said that buy with a stoploss of 872 as it can see a level of 992 in 1 week. He further said that in the last 2 weeks it has not performed well compared to its counterparts, so it may come up with a catchup rally.


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