Best Stocks to Bet: These 3 stocks will give 20% to 35% tax return in the short-to mid-term, buy this target price and buy

After Friday’s free-fall in the stock market, market experts said that the valuation of companies in the market was very expensive, it was natural to have correction. The market had already digested good third quarter results. Experts said that the market is currently giving investors a tremendous opportunity to buy at the dip. This is the right time to invest in stocks, investors should not miss the opportunity to shop for maximum benefits. In such a situation, ICICI Securities and Edelweiss, one of the country’s leading brokerage firms, have asked investors to place bets on these 3 Hot Stocks, which have shown impressive results in FY2021 and have seen tremendous growth in sales as well. . These are the 3 stocks that can give investors 20% to 35% tax returns in the short-to-mid term.

Nestle India

Brokerage firm Edelweiss has suggested investors to place bets on Nestle India stocks. The brokerage firm has set a target price of Rs 21,110 for Nestle India stocks. On Friday, the company’s stocks closed at a price of Rs 16,074. The brokerage firm says that its stocks will give more than 32% returns to investors this year. Edelweiss said, Nestle India has been a consonant performer despite the corona virus epidemic. The company has seen double digit growth in sales in the quarter 12 of the last 13 quarters. The company’s domestic sales grew by 10.1% year-on-year in Q4CY20 in the last quarter of 2020, while sales of its rival Britannia grew by only 6.1%.

However, the announcements in the general budget will shock the rural FMCG growth, due to this estimate, the company’s stocks fell by 14% during this period. Apart from this, the company was also affected by Marico’s entry in the field of noodles. But the company has focused on new innovation. There has been a recovery in the urban revenue of the company, while the rural revenue has not been recovered yet. But the company has expanded its reach from 45,000 villages to 90,000 villages in the last 18 months. The company hopes to make tremendous gains by launching its new products Upma, Poha and Breakfast Serial, Masala. The company has launched 60 new products in the last 2 years, with a success rate of over 70%. Edelweiss has picked it up for this reason.

Sunteck Realty

Stocks of Suntec Realty have also been given a rating by Edelweiss and the target price of its stocks is Rs 463. The brokerage firm said that given the company’s positive outlook, growth in sales and demand, its stocks are capable of giving investors up to 35% return in the medium term. The company’s stocks closed at Rs 346.10 on Friday. In the December quarter of FY21, new sales of Sunteck Realty grew by 7% year-on-year and 75% on quarterly basis and reached Rs 350 crore. The company is expected to make tremendous gains this year due to increasing housing demand. The company is launching new projects in several cities in Vasai, Vashind Samech. This is why Edelweiss has picked it up.

Ambuja Cements

Brokerage firm ICICI Securities has raised the target price of Ambuja Cements stocks from Rs 300 to Rs 330 for this year. The company’s shares closed at Rs 273 on Friday. The brokerage firm estimates that the company’s stocks could give 21% returns to investors in the short-to-mid-term this year. However, it may also suffer a setback due to lower demand and lower prices. The brokerage firm says that the company’s revenue has increased tremendously with its net income. Also, the company’s Return on Equity (ROE) is expected to be 12% and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) is 12.1%. Kampana’s EBITDA has also been better than estimates at 7.7 billion. Also, the company’s revenue has also increased by 14%. Apart from this, the company is also expanding its capacity in states like Rajasthan and Maharashtra, which will benefit its stocks.

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