Amazing Formula of Wealth Creation, Learn from Ramdev Aggarwal how to identify tomorrow’s multibagger stocks

Highs seem to be at new highs in the market. In such a situation, it is important to understand how much power is still left in this boom. What are the new opportunities and challenges facing the market? to discuss these issues CNBC-Awaaz are with Ramdev Agarwal (Raamdeo Agrawal) is the co-founder and chairman of Motilal Oswal Financial Services.

India’s growth story has power

In this conversation, Ramdev Aggarwal said that India’s growth story has power. India’s journey towards the new normal has been good. Now the pace of recovery in the economy has been good. The current situation in the country is giving opportunities to the government to make major reforms. The economy has got strength from the self-reliant India campaign. The corporate sector in the country has become stronger after recovering from the crisis. It should be noted that the results of companies have been the best in 10 years.

earning opportunities in the market

Ramdev Aggarwal is of the opinion that Nifty has reached 17000 due to continuous money coming in the market. Nifty Midcap is now available at 50% to 9% discount on Nifty. Consumption has played a major role in the recovery of the economy. Due to this, there has been a boom in IT, utility, telecom, finance and consumer.

Ramdev Agarwal on the market

Talking about the future condition and direction of the market, Ramdev Agarwal said that it is difficult to speculate on the market. Market volatility of 5-10% is possible at any time. For this we must be mentally prepared. India’s journey towards the new normal is looking good. The pace of recovery in the economy has been good. The credit cost of banks is coming down. There is no need to be afraid in the market.

Different business models of digital companies

Talking about different sectors of the market, Ramdev Aggarwal said that internet companies are valued differently. Digital companies have huge potential ahead. Digital companies have potential for global growth. There is a big difference between digital and traditional companies. Many Indian digital companies can be global.


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