Action will be seen in shares on the basis of news, know which stocks will be in focus today

By keeping a close watch on every movement of stocks, your investment can definitely be protected. Here we are telling such stocks which will be in the news today and on which the market will be eyeing.

SBI LIFE in focus

There will be a big block deal in SBI Life today. Canada Pension Fund will sell 2 crore shares. These deals can be between Rs 1159 to 1220.

UCO Bank in focus

RBI exits UCO Bank from PCA Framework. The decision was taken after the better results of March 2021. The exemption has been given with conditions, although the monitoring of the bank will continue. Obstacles will end on giving loans, opening new branches. The bank is in PCA since May 2017.


The company has raised Rs 500 crore through preferential shares. The company has raised Rs 1300 crore through warrants. Shares and warrants have been issued at the rate of Rs 258 per share.

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J&K Bank in focus

RK Damani holds 0.72 percent stake in the bank. This has been revealed in the annual report of the bank.


Subsidiary CG Natural Resources has won the bid for the coal block. Won the bid for coal block in Chhattisgarh. Blocks have been found on revenue sharing model.

RCF in focus

The board has approved the new Nano Urea Fertilizer Plant. The capacity of the new plant will be 75 kilolitres per day. .

TCS in focus

There is an agreement between TCS and Avianca. This agreement has been done for the growth in the field of cloud.

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Commercial production has started from the new unit in Bangalore. The new unit will increase the company’s capacity by 4.5%.

JSPL in focus

The loan of Australia’s subsidiary has been repaid ahead of time. Repaid a loan of $10.56 million. The company says that it will repay the entire loan abroad in the coming quarters. Will make the company completely debt free by FY23 and by 2025 the capacity of Angul Steel Plant will be 12 lakhs.

Tire Share in Focus

Tire prices have hit a one-year low. Prices in Japan are at their lowest level in August 2020. Demand in China fell by 24% during August.

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