20 stocks for profit which include DEPENDABLE stock

At CNBC-Awaaz, we have brought you a unique match, which is beneficial for you. With the fun of T20 you will get many opportunities to trade in the stock market today.

Actually, we will give you information about the 20 stocks in which you can earn profits by trading today. Even if those stocks rise or fall, you will only go by giving you the advantage. That is, advice on buying or selling 20 shares today.

Our first team captain is research analyst Ashish Verma. Let us know which stocks are included in his team.

Ashish’s team

TEXMACO INFRA: BUY -61.3 rupees, target-67.5 rupees, stoploss-61 rupees

TEXMACO RAIL: Buy – Rs 29.50, Target – Rs 33, Stoploss – Rs 29

ZUARI GLOBAL: Buy-Rs 89.20, Target-Rs 93.8, Stop Loss-Rs 88.90

ZUARI AGRO: Buy-Rs 99.5, Target-Rs 109, Stop Loss-Rs 89.90

MANGALORE CHEMICALS: Buy Rs-59.2, Target Rs-65, Stoploss-Rs 58.50

Today’s DEPENDABLE Stock

GSK PHARMA: Buy – Rs 1431, Target – Rs 1470, Stoploss – Rs 1419

PFIZER: Buy-Rs 4516, Target-Rs 4675, Stoploss-Rs 4480

HIMATSINGKA SEIDE: BUY -146 rupees, target -152 rupees, stoploss-144 rupees

FORTIS HEALTHCARE: Buy-Rs 167.40, Target-Rs 174, Stoploss-Rs 165

FORTIS MALAR: Buy Rs-53.20, Target-Rs 56, Stoploss-Rs 52.50

Our second team captain is research analyst Neeraj Vajpayee. Let us know which stocks are included in his team.

Neeraj’s team

TANLA PLATFORMS: Buy-Rs 704, Target-Rs 740, Stoploss-Rs 695

JK CEMENT: buy-Rs.2237, target-Rs 2300, stoploss-Rs 2225

MAHGALAM CEMENT: buy -251 rupees, target-265 rupees, stoploss-248 rupees

VRL LOGISTICS: BUY-205 rupees, Target-225 rupees, Stoploss-200 rupees

GUJARAT GAS: Buy – Rs 379, Target – Rs 400, Stoploss – Rs 375

Today’s DEPENDABLE Stock

BRITANNIA: Buy-Rs 3541, Target-Rs 3600, Stoploss-Rs 3530

JAYANT AGRO: buy -139 rupees, target -160 rupees, stoploss-135 rupees

INDO AMINES: Buy – Rs 88, Target – Rs 100, Stoploss – Rs 85

AUTOMOTIVE AXEL: BUY -1082 rupees, target -1200 rupees, stoploss -1070 rupees

KIRLOSKAR IND .: Buy – Rs.899, Target – Rs.1000, Stop Loss – Rs.880

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