SBI is offering a chance to buy property cheaply, the process will start from March 5

SBI mega auction: Under this auction process more than 1000 properties will be bid. This includes open plot, residential, industrial and commercial properties.

1000 properties are being auctioned.

SBI Mega E-Auction is being organized by the State Bank of India from March 5. More than 1000 properties will be bid under this auction process. This includes open plot, residential, industrial and commercial properties. The mortgage property is auctioned from time to time by the bank for recovery from the defaulter. For this, advertisement is put in big newspapers on behalf of SBI branch. Apart from this, it is also promoted on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

If you want information about the auctioned property, then click on this link ( and you will get complete information about the property. This property is all over the country and a joint bid has been invited from different branches of SBI. On this website, you have also been put a reserve price for the property. Information about the date and time of auction for different properties is given. To join the auction process, you will have to register with a mobile number and email ID. Helpline number- (033-40602403 / 40067351/40628253/40645316/40645207/40609118) has also been issued by SBI. If any kind of information is needed, it can be contacted here.

Property will be available at a low price

The advantage of purchasing the property being auctioned at this time is that you will get it at the right price. To buy the property being auctioned, you will have to visit the official website of IBAPI Registration has to be done with the help of email ID and mobile number. Bidder will have to submit KYC document. Only then will the further process be completed

Take part in auction like this

> You can apply online to participate in this auction.
>> All documents will have to be submitted for full details of KYC at the branch.
>> To participate in e-auction, participants have to submit an earnest money deposit ie EMD.
>> Digital signature will be necessary. If you want to participate in the auction, you can take your digital signature by going to e-auctioners or a recognized agency.
>> After submitting the EMD and KYC documents at the branch, the login ID and password will be sent to the email ID of the bidders from the e-auctioners, through which one can participate in the auction.

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