Will all passenger trains start running from April 1? Indian Railways gave this answer

Trains stopped due to Coronavirus Lockdown are being re-run slowly, but not all trains have returned yet. Recently some media reports claimed that all passenger trains can now run from April 1, 2021. However, putting an end to the possibility of all trains running on track from April 1, the Indian Railways has said that no date has been set to resume operations of all passenger trains.

The Ministry of Railways said that for the past few days, there is a clear clarification on the media reports about it. The ministry said that the railway is increasing the number of train services in a graded manner. Already more than 65 per cent of trains are running. More than 250 trains were added in just January, gradually more trains will be added. Please tell that during the corona lockdown all the regular passenger train was stopped. Currently, only Corona Special trains are running.

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All general passenger train services were halted during a nationwide lockdown imposed in March last year to prevent the spread of corona (COVID-19 pandemic). However, the corona outbreak is decreasing now. After which, other activities including school, college and business are gradually becoming normal. In such a media report, it was claimed that from April 1, all passenger trains will start running on the track. It will have all types of trains like General, Shatabdi and Rajdhani. However, now the Ministry of Railways has also made it clear that no date has been fixed for running all trains.

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