What is Sharia law and what it means for women in Afghanistan

The Taliban, which occupied Afghanistan, has said that women will be given rights under the framework of Islamic law or Sharia. However, it is not clear what they mean by this. There is a lot of scope for different interpretations in the Sharia. During the previous Taliban regime, schooling for girls was stopped and those who violated the Taliban’s rules of morality were publicly flogged.

Taliban hardliners have yet to say how they want to implement it. However, millions of women in Afghanistan fear a return to the brutality of the past.

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what is sharia

The Shariah, based on the Quran, sets out the moral and legal practices of Islam. The Qur’an contains information about the way of moral life but does not contain specific laws.

According to one interpretation of Sharia, women can be given considerable rights but in another interpretation there are only minor rights for women. Some experts say that the Taliban’s imposition of restrictions on women is outside the scope of Sharia under Islamic law.

There has been a lot of debate in Muslim countries regarding the interpretation of Sharia. The legal systems of the governments implementing it are also different from each other.

Sharia’s effect on women in Afghanistan

The recent behavior of Taliban leaders is trying to know whether there will be a change in their attitude towards women. A senior Taliban official recently interviewed a female television anchor. Its purpose was to show the world and the people of Afghanistan that the attitude of the Taliban had already changed.

However, hours later, a female anchor for state television reported that the Taliban had suspended her and other women working for the channel.

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