West Bengal Election: Parties shedding money like water on social media, BJP, Modi words most searched

In the olden times people used to use the help of sources such as announcements on banners, posters and loudspeakers for publicity, whether it is the promotion of a product or sale or election campaign, however, all these methods are still trending. In, but the matter of accessibility has been replaced by social media. Talking about it from a political perspective, social media is the medium of much publicity, no matter how small or how big the election. West Bengal Election is going to be held soon in West Bengal, dates have not been announced, but all parties and their workers and leaders have started campaigning on social media.

According to a report in the Hindustan newspaper, nearly three crore advertisements have been given on the Facebook page associated with West Bengal since November. The newspaper quoted the Facebook Ad Library as saying that from 20 November to 17 February 2021, West Bengal is on top in terms of Facebook advertising. During this period there has been a spate of advertisements on Mamata Banerjee’s support and anti-Modi Facebook page.

However, the most searched term on Facebook is also “BJP”. The surprising thing in this is that most political parties have spent so much on advertisements, only parties are above in terms of expenditure.

According to the report, in the last three months, Mamata-backed Facebook page “Bangalor Gorbo Mamta” has spent nearly Rs 96 lakh for advertising, while in response, “Amar Poribar BJP Poribar” and “R Noi Annaay” created by BJP “Ads on these two Facebook pages are running for about Rs 33 lakh and Rs 30 lakh respectively.

At the same time, a lot of advertisements are being run on the satirical Facebook page, the top name of this is “Khotikarok Modi”, on which advertisements worth more than Rs 51 lakh have been run in the last 3 months.

Another surprising thing is that from February 2019 till now, half the amount spent on social media for advertising, 50% has been spent in these three months.

While the anti-BJP Facebook page in West Bengal may be witnessing a spurt in spending, the figures for the last two years show that the party has spent Rs 4.6 crore on 2680 advertisements. In view of the elections, Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress is also not behind in this race. In the last two years, 1378 advertisements have been given by spending 2.1 crores rupees.

At the same time, BJP is at number one in the list of top 5 most searched words, because it was searched more than 50 thousand times in a week. Apart from this, the words Narendra Modi and Modi are also in this list. Narendra Modi is at number four and Modi at number five.

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