UAE spacecraft can enter Mars orbit today, China and US ships will also land soon

A space shuttle Hope (HOPE) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reached very close to Mars and it is expected that it will enter Mars orbit today. The spacecraft is one of the three robot explorers that will arrive on the Red Planet in the next week and a half. Apart from this, there are also spacecraft of each China (China) and America (US), which will reach Mars.

This orbiter, named Hope and called Amal in Arabic, traveled 300 million miles in about seven months to reach Mars. It has been sent there with the goal of preparing the first global weather map of Mars.

At the same time, a Chinese orbiter and lander is going to reach Mars on Wednesday. It will revolve around Mars until the rover separates and will try to hit the surface in May to see signs of Ancient Life.

Apart from these two, an American rover named Perseverance is also ready to join the spacecraft on Mars next week, whose target landing is on 18 February. This will be the first step of a decade-long American-European project, whose goal is to test the rocks of Mars by bringing them to Earth.

Nearly 60 percent of all Mars missions have failed due to failures, accidents, burns or other malfunctions, the complexity of travel, and the difficulties of making descent through the thin atmosphere of Mars.

So far, America is the only country in the world, which has successfully landed not just one, two or three but eight on Mars. About 45 years ago, America first stepped there. NASA’s two Lander Insight and Curiosity are still working on the surface of Mars.

For the UAE, this is the country’s first mission beyond Earth’s orbit, making it a national pride. Not only this, for a few days after the launch of the mission, the highest tower on Earth, including the Burj Khalifa across the UAE, glowed red to mark the anticipated return to execution.

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