This special satellite will go to space with a picture of Bhagwad Geeta and PM Modi

Satish Dhawan Satellite or SD SAT, the first private sector satellite to be launched by the Indian Space Agency ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO) in late February, for the first time, Bhagavad Gita on the lines of NASA and A picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach the space carrying the names of 25,000 Indian people (especially students). ISRO will launch the satellite along with two other private satellites from its reliable polar satellite launch vehicle PSLV-C51.

ISRO plans to launch the Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1 (Amazonia 1) and three Indian payloads on 28 February as part of its first mission (ISRO First Mission in 2021). One of these payloads is manufactured by an Indian startup. These satellites are to be launched via Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C51) from Sriharikota Spaceport, 100 km from Chennai, at 10:24 am.

According to Hindustan Times, Dr. Srimathy Kesan, founder and CEO of SpaceKidz India, said that the group currently has a lot of excitement. This will be his first satellite to go into space. When we finalized the mission, we asked people to send their names that would be sent to space. Then within a week we received 25,000 applications. 1,000 of these names were from people outside India.

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On the decision to send a picture of Bhagwad Geeta and PM Modi to the satellite, Kesan said that he has taken this decision in view of the second space mission, which carries the Bible with him. At the same time, he also told that his satellite will promote self-reliant India, because it has been completely developed by India. Therefore, a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been used with it. He said that some changes have been suggested by ISRO in this satellite.

This nanosatellite is named after one of the founding fathers of India’s space program and developed by SpaceKidz India. SpaceKidz is an organization dedicated to promoting space science among students. Three scientific payloads will also be carried in this satellite. One of these would be to study space radiation, one to study the magnetosphere, and a low-power wide-field communication network.

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