Tesla to start production of electric cars in India after US and China; these are challenges

Tesla, the world’s largest automobile company that manufactures electric vehicles, will produce electric cars in India. The company Ti Deal is in fine stage with the Government of Karnataka to build a manufacturing unit. India is the third country along with the US (US) and China (China) where Tesla will set up its production unit and Research and Development Center (R&D). Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has officially confirmed that Tesla will set up its plant for the production of electric cars in the state.

Sources associated with the matter said that the company’s production unit will be set up in Bengaluru. The company has chosen Bengaluru for its manufacturing unit as the city is becoming a hub for electric vehicles and aerospace manufacturing. This will help Tesla hire the right talent. Sources said that Tesla has registered for its Indian unit in the downtime of office in Bengaluru. Tesla has registered the company in Bangalore under the name of its subsidiary company Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited.

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These are the challenges before the company

Tesla’s arrival in India will give a new dimension to the manufacture of electric vehicles in the country. But the company will also face many challenges. India does not currently have the same market for electric cars as it is in Western countries, including China and the United States. Tesla has set up a production unit in China only outside of the US and dominates the premium electric car market. Electric cars account for more than 5% of total car sales in China, but in India, the number is less than 1%. Tesla is entering India at a time when central and state governments are trying to reduce air pollution. There is a lack of infrastructure for electric eco-systems in India. However, the country is trying in this direction.

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