Taliban fighters seen having fun in amusement park after capturing Kabul, video goes viral

Taliban fighters were seen having fun at an amusement park on Monday, a day after they captured Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. In the video, Taliban terrorists are seen driving an electric car with a gun in their hands. Also, he can also be seen doing jumping jack fun. Shocking video of Taliban terrorists is going viral on social media.

Taliban fighters were seen riding electric bumper cars with weapons in their hands. In another video viral on social media, he is seen riding horses in the park and swinging in the amusement park. In the video, two Taliban fighters are riding on a bumper car and are speeding the cars into each other.

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Taliban fighters can be seen riding small merry-go-round horses. Apart from this, a video of the play wheel is going viral, in which some Taliban fighters are riding on children’s swings.

Taliban fighters have fun riding fake horses made for children to sit on swings in an amusement park. At the same time, some Taliban terrorists are seen jumping on the trampoline and many people are watching them standing far away.

A video of a gym is also going viral on social media, in which some Taliban fighters in their traditional attire, with arms over their shoulders, are busy running the treadmill on the opposite side, while some are trying their hands at the multigym.

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In a video going viral on the Internet, some Taliban insurgents are walking through the streets with a reporter’s microphone. All these viral videos are in stark contrast to the one that depicted a sense of fear among the people in Afghanistan, where hundreds of young Afghan citizens were seen running and clinging to a US plane at Kabul airport.

Let us tell you that the ongoing war in Afghanistan turned decisive on Sunday when the Taliban surrounded the capital Kabul and the country’s President Ashraf Ghani had to flee the country, after which Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban.

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