Success story from self-respect, self-reliant India built with startup

The call for self-reliant India for the Indian economy has been at a very critical time. This call is being made to make Indians self-reliant. Network 18 initiative and presented by ITC – Swabhimaan Bharat, is one such initiative that will show you stories of Indians from across the country who are solving problems without the help of the government. Stories of innovation and achievements that tell us how strong we are as a nation. Urban Company and Practo are two such stories from India’s startup ecosystem, which exemplify self-reliance.

In the last 2 decades, Indian startups have used innovative technologies and attracted global investors. Of these, the Urban Company has done a bang in the un-organized home services space. Founded in 2014 as the brand name Urban Clap, the urban company is currently Asia’s largest home services platform.

Urban claps empower domestic workers with the help of training and loans and place them in the ranks of micro-service entrepreneurs. Another startup, Practo, is pushing self-sufficiency in India to address the shortcomings in healthcare. Founded in 2008 as Turbodock, Practo’s digital platform provides consumers with a range of services for all their health needs.

Newly experimenting in the Indian healthcare industry, leading company Practo also creates software products that help healthcare providers digitize their services. Practo and Urban Company are truly the best examples of a self-respecting India.

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