Shashi Tharoor celebrated Onam by swinging, Vice President and PM also gave best wishes, know the importance of this festival

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor posted a video today taking part in the tradition of swing on Onam. It is a harvest festival celebrated by the Keralites. Today the most auspicious day of the 10-day festival is “Thiruvonam”, which is celebrated in celebration of the annual homecoming of the great King Mahabali to Kerala. “Usually the tradition of Onam swing is left to young girls,” she wrote in a tweet.

In the nearly 30-second video, Tharoor is seen wearing a red kurta with a white mundu (a garment worn around the waist) and enjoying the tradition of a swing, also known as Onam Unjal. . The Congress MP celebrated Onam with his family at his ancestral home in Palakkad.

Prime Minister congratulated

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday extended Onam greetings to the countrymen. “Very best wishes on the special occasion of Onam, the festival of positivity, brotherhood and harmony. I wish everyone a good, healthy and happy life,” he tweeted.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday greeted the countrymen on Onam and wished that the festival brings peace and prosperity to all. Onam marks the beginning of harvesting in different parts of the country.

The Vice President said that it is also celebrated in the memory of the great King Mahabali of Kerala, who is known for his nobility and generosity. “Wishing this vibrant festival bring peace, prosperity and happiness to all,” the Vice President’s Secretariat tweeted, quoting Naidu.

Onam and its importance

While Onam is celebrated for 10 days, the main festival will be celebrated over three days from 21-23 August. The date is based on the almanac, which falls on the 22nd constellation Thiruvonam in the month of Chingam in the Malayalam calendar, which falls between August-September in the Gregorian calendar. Chingam is the first month according to the Malayalam calendar.

One of the most important parts of the Onam celebration is the food, which includes the classic vegetarian dishes of Kerala served on a banana leaf. Amid the spike in the cases of Covid-19 in Kerala, the state government has decided to conduct Onam celebrations on virtual mode.

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