Now you will be able to rent the house directly through credit card through Paytm, you will get these facilities including Rs 1000 cashback.

Usually with credit card, you do shopping, mobile recharge and bill payment, rail and flight ticket booking, online payment etc. But now you can also pay your house rent with credit card. For this, Paytm, the country’s largest e-wallet company, has expanded its rental payment feature. That is, the facility of renting directly to the landlord’s bank account through credit card has been introduced. Till now Paytm had the facility of rent payment only through UPI, Debit Card and Netbanking.

Paytm has announced a cashback of up to Rs 1000 on such transactions to users paying rent through its platform. Apart from cashback, users will also get credit card points on rent payment. The benefit of paying the rent with a credit card will be to the users that they can save cash by using the credit limit. Credit card dues usually have to be paid after 45-50 days. In this way you can earn some by investing rent money somewhere. Also, you can convert transactions made through credit card to EMI.

How to use

To pay rent from credit card through Paytm, you will have to select the option of Rent Payment by going to the Recharge & Pay Bills section on the home screen of Paytm. After this, by entering the account number of the landlord and details of your credit card, you can rent directly. Paytm’s innovative dashboard will help track all your rent payments and will also remind you of payment due date. Paytm Vice President Narendra Yadav said that within a few days of the launch, lakhs of people have used the rent payment service.

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