New venture of environmental guards in Khandwa, environmental protection with corona vaccination

In Khandwa, the environmental guards have made such efforts that victory against Corona is also being ensured and the initiative to save the environment has also gained momentum. This is what is called one sect and two cults.

Corona should also get a crushing defeat and we should also become conscious about environmental protection, how can these two essential lessons be fulfilled simultaneously. If you want to understand this, then you should come to Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh. Here the Khandwa district administration has united two essential campaigns to save human civilization, together with a social institution. People are also taking vaccine here and leaving the vaccine center and planting a sapling for the future.

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In fact, Khandwa district administration, taking lessons from the second wave of corona, has taken the initiative to make people aware of the importance of vaccination as well as environmental protection, under which, the people who are vaccinated will be given a plant free of cost by the administration. It has been done so that, along with fighting the war against Corona, the initiative to protect the environment can also gain momentum.

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However, people are very excited by this unique initiative of Khandwa District Collector, while the campaign of tree plantation has gained momentum under other government schemes in the district. However, how successful will this effort be? Only time will tell this. But yes, it is necessary that this effort to simultaneously bring the two essential campaigns of saving human existence on the ground creates hope for a hopeless tomorrow.

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