Myanmar coup: Protests resumed after second day’s ban on Internet, custody of Suu extended

Thousands of people are demonstrating after the Myanmar Military Takeover in Myanmar. Meanwhile, the military rulers have stopped the country’s Internet. The army has continued its internet ban for the second day. A large number of protesters took to the streets on Tuesday after an internet blackout on the second day in Myanmar’s largest city of Yangon. Despite deploying army personnel to deal with street protests, engineering and technical students took to the streets and demonstrated against the coup. Demonstrations were also held in Napita while the army has been deployed in Myitkina and Sittwe.

The whole of Myanmar also took to the streets for demonstrations on Monday. On Sunday night, authorities shut down Internet services in the country to control demonstrations and increased the number of security personnel. In Mandalay, the second largest city of the country, thousands of engineers marched on the streets, shouting slogans and holding placards in which they said, “Release our leader, who stands with justice?” And stop arresting people illegally at midnight.

Meanwhile, Myanmar’s army has extended custody of Aung San Suu. The main demand of the protesters is the release of Soo Chi. Lawyer Khin Maung Jaw told reporters outside a court in the capital Napitau that Suu Kyi’s custody has been extended until 17 February. Suu’s party asked Jo to represent him in court. Sui Chi’s term of custody was coming to an end on Monday. He was accused of illegally possessing a walkie talkie. It is being told that increasing the custody of Suu Kyi may increase tensions between the army and the protesters.

More than 400 leaders, including Suu Kyi, have been arrested since the military coup. Every day the leaders who are arrested are increasing. The protesters demand that the army return power to the government they elected. Significantly, the army took over the power on February 1 by a coup and detained several members of the government including Suu Kyi. Together, the newly elected people’s representatives were barred from participating in the new session of Parliament.

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