Kia sold 2 lakh SUV Seltos cars in two years, 1.5 lakh connected software vehicles also sold

Kia India on Friday said it has sold 1.5 lakh cars with connected software in the country in two years since the launch of its first product in the domestic market. South Korean auto company Kia has also managed to sell a total of 3 lakh vehicles during this period.

Kia on Friday said that it has sold two lakh cars of its flagship SUV Seltos in the two years of its launch in India. In a statement, the company said that Kia India sold 1.5 lakh units of connected software cars during this period.

Seltos contributes over 66 per cent to the total sales of Kia India, which has also crossed the total sales of 3 lakh units.

The company said in a statement that 58 per cent of Seltos sales come from its top variant, while the vehicle’s automatic options contribute more than 35 per cent. Diesel powertrains account for 45 percent of the total sales of SUVs.

Tae-Jin Park, Executive Director and Chief Sales and Business Strategy Officer, Kia India, said, “Such remarkable success is always an inspiration, as it fuels our passion to serve our customers better. These milestones prove our commitment.

He said that the Indian Passenger Vehicle (PV) market is passing through a period of transformation due to the changing trends of the customers, increasing desire for latest facilities and cutting edge technology.

Kia India also said that the milestone of 1.5 lakh connected cars sales reaffirms the brand’s technological advancement and understanding of the vast Indian market.

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