Israeli scientists say Pfizer vaccine has been successful in preventing 99 percent corona virus

Good news is coming from Israel amidst a wave of corona virus coming back to many countries in the world. Israeli scientists and researchers say that Pfizer’s Corona vaccine being installed in their country has been nearly 99 percent successful. This has led to positive expectations from all over the world for the corona vaccine.

The national vaccination program through Pfizer’s vaccine started in Israel on 20 December was about 89.4 percent effective in the lab. These companies conducted preliminary analysis with the Ministry of Health of Israel. Its accuracy was questioned by some scientists. Positive figures have now been revealed from Israel, which has on average the most corona virus vaccine in the world.

Israeli officials said on Saturday that half of the population in Israel has received at least one dose of corona virus vaccine. Pfizer’s Corona Vaccine Virus has been ninety-nine percent effective at preventing deaths. If this is true, these figures are very encouraging because this vaccine is now found to be effective in preventing the spread of corona virus to asymptomatic people.

News18 quoted Bloomberg as saying that Sydney professor Raina McIntyre said that these were the figures we needed to estimate herd immunity with the help of vaccines. Pfizer has said that it is working on getting real figures with the help of Israel. He said that it will be released when it is complete. According to Bloomberg’s vaccine calculator, his calculations suggest that it may take another 7 years for the coronavirus to expire.

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