Google is taking illegitimate advantage of its dominance in India, may be fined

Google is abusing the dominant position of its Android operating system in the Indian market. The world’s largest surge engine Google is trying to harm rival companies by taking illegitimate advantage of its financial powers in India. This has been revealed in the investigation of Competition Commission of India (CCI). The CCI has prepared this report after almost two years of investigation.

The CCI report said, “Google has reduced the capabilities and incentives of mobile companies that made devices running on other versions of Android.” Google, however, denied the allegations and told news agency Reuters that it was trying to contact CCI and it would say whether Android has increased competition and innovation and not reduced it.

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A source with knowledge of the matter said that Google is yet to receive this investigation report. According to the information, senior members of CCI will now review this report and give one more chance to Google to defend itself before issuing the final order.

In this report, Google was found guilty of violating the provisions of section 4(2)(a)(i), section 4(2)(c), section 4(2)(d) and section 4(2)(e). has gone. If the CCI finds Google guilty of violating the rules, it can be fined. Along with this, he may also be asked to change the way he works.

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However, according to the rules, Google can challenge the order of the CCI in an Indian court. This CCI report can create new difficulties for Google. Earlier, in all the countries of the world, Google has been accused of taking illegitimate advantage of its dominant position. The company is facing investigation in many countries including Europe, America. Recently, South Korea fined Google $ 180 million for blocking the customized version of Android.

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