Firing in Greater Noida road rage incident, two passersby got shot, one admitted in ICU

In an incident of road rage in Jewar, Greater Noida, there was fierce exchange of fire between the two sides. Due to this firing, two people passing through the road have been shot. So far two people have been taken into custody in this case.

According to the police, two youths named Ankit and Lala were traveling on a bike on Sunday night. He lost his balance when he reached in front of the Minaj Masjid located at Jewar’s Jewar. He collided with the bike rider Sarchand coming from the front. After this, holding Sarchand responsible, pushed him.

Then after this the dispute between those two people increased and reached to a scuffle. Then they beat up Ankit. After this, Ankit called his family members and there was a fight between the two sides.

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Bullets started firing from both sides. According to the police, 6 rounds of bullets were fired in this incident, during the ongoing firing from both sides, Monu and Arif, who were passing through the road, got bullets. Both got injured in this.

Police say that these injured have nothing to do with the quarrel. A bullet hit Monu in the neck and he fell to the ground bleeding. On the other hand, Arif got shot in the leg and he was also injured. The incident caused panic among the people around.

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On seeing the people coming there, the shooters fled from the spot. On information, the police also reached the spot. Both were taken to the hospital. Monu was admitted to Kailash Hospital, from where he was referred to Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida. At the same time, Arif is being treated at Kailash Hospital in Jewar. Monu is in ICU. And Arif’s leg had to be operated on for bullets.

Tension prevailed in the area after the incident. However, when the police arrived, peace remained in the area. Police force has been deployed in the precautionary area. Police started investigating the matter.

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