E-visa mandatory for all Afghan nationals coming to India, all previous visas invalid

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Wednesday announced that in view of the current situation in Afghanistan, all Afghan nationals will be allowed to travel into India only on e-visa from now on. The decision comes a few days after the Indian government introduced a new category of visas called “e-Emergency X-Misc visas” for Afghan citizens after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan.

“Due to the current security situation in Afghanistan and to streamline the visa process by introducing the “e-emergency X-Misc visa”, it has been decided that from now on all Afghan nationals will be granted only e-visa,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement. But you should visit India.”

The government also announced that visas issued earlier to all Afghan nationals who are not currently in India are invalidated with immediate effect. The Interior Ministry said the decision has been taken in view of reports that passports of some Afghan nationals have been lost.

“Afghan citizens desirous of traveling to India can apply for e-visa,” the MHA said. Officials said that since the Indian missions in Afghanistan are closed, the applications will be scrutinized and processed in New Delhi.

The “e-emergency X-Misc visa” will be initially valid for six months, he said. All Afghans, regardless of their religion, can apply for a travel document.

Thousands of Afghan citizens arrived at Kabul’s main airport to leave the country after the Taliban broke into the city. Some of these people were so desperate to escape from the rebels that they hung outside the US military plane and they fell down and died while the plane took off.

India has evacuated all its embassy staff and several hundred Indians living in Afghanistan. New Delhi has also evacuated several Afghans, including two lawmakers, Hindus and Sikhs, who faced threats from the Taliban.

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