DailyBasket received notice of BigBasket

Supermarket Grocery Supplies, a parent company of e-grocery company BigBasket soon to become a Tata group entity, has given notice to shut down the business to DailyBasket, a grocery startup in Coimbatore. He is accused of offering similar products and services through nearly identical domain names that mislead customers.

A copy of the notice is also seen by Business Standard. It states, “The mention of an e-commerce business and related products names or mere baskets in people comes to the mind of the consumer and business class that it has a relationship with us.”

To counter these allegations, DailyBasket has created a website called BBJabuli, stating that even though the platform brand has the word basket and it delivers online groceries, it does not mean that it has invested in Tiger Global Has copied the trademark of the company or inappropriately copied its website and app.

BigBasket declined to comment on the matter.

Communications strategy consultant Karthik Srinivasan said, “If we accept the argument of BigBasket, Godrej’s Nature’s Basket is about six years older than BigBasket. In such a situation, the Nature’s Basket can also claim the same claim on BigBasket.

According to DailyBasket, BigBasket has in its notice asked the startup to close the business using the DailyBasket.com domain name. In addition, he has been asked to close the mobile app, close all businesses with immediate effect, transfer the DailyBasket.com domain immediately for free and pay Rs 2 lakh to his legal team to compensate for the legal notice.

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