Corona vaccination: Is a booster dose needed, know the opinion of experts

Recently, there was a statement from Serum Institute of India (SII) Chairman Cyrus Poonawalla in which he had said that a booster dose will be required after 6 months of the second dose of Kovidshield vaccine. There is no consensus among epidemiologists, bio-experts, virologists and Covid-19 experts on this statement.

Many experts say that there is no need for a third dose. At the same time, some experts are in favor of booster dose with certain conditions.

Virologist Shahid Jameel in Ashoka University Sonepat It is said that people are making a ruckus by being unnecessary. So far, no such study or conclusion has come to the fore, which indicates that a third dose or booster dose will be helpful in dealing with the corona virus. According to Shahid Jameel, there is no need for third dose. However, even if the third dose is given, it will not cause any harm.

AHPI के Dr Alex Thomas It is said that no such research report has come yet to conclude that a booster dose will be needed to deal with the corona. Even the WHO has said that there is no need for a booster dose of corona right now.

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Vineeta Bal of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research It is said that we have to keep in mind that it will be safe to take the third dose. If a booster dose is taken a few months after the second dose, it can lead to an increase in antibody titres and T cell responses, and no study has been done yet on the effect of this happening. If seen from the perspective of one person, it can be beneficial for him. Those who fall in the high risk group are also likely to benefit from the booster dose. This can also help to some extent in fighting the delta variant, but before talking about the booster dose, we should focus on how many people in our country and all over the world have got the first or second dose so far. From the perspective of control on corona, it is more important that first of all, more and more people of the world should be brought under the ambit of both doses of vaccination.

It is also true that even a fully vaccinated person can be infected with corona. However, this can reduce the mortality rate and it is also true that people who have taken booster doses from the delta variant like Punawala are not safe.

Rakesh Mishra of Tata Institute for Genetics and Society It is said that a booster dose of the vaccine can be effective but the question is whether you can avoid it. Maybe rich countries like America can afford this but is it possible for India. The need of the hour in India is to bring more and more people completely under the ambit of the vaccine. It is dishonest to talk about the third dose until everyone gets the second dose.

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Dr MC Mishra, former director of AIIMS It is said that it may be that the third dose or additional dose may become common in the coming times because the corona virus is going to live among us and it will not be known from among us. To fight this, we have to strengthen our immune system. From this it can be easily guessed that in some form or the other the need for booster dose will remain. Vaccines for other diseases also require booster doses. There are only a few diseases whose vaccine gives life long support, in view of which it seems that even a booster dose of corona cannot be ruled out.

There itself Christian Medical College  Vellore के Gagandeep Kang It is said that at present there is no need for any booster dose.

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