Angered by Aukus deal, France called back its ambassadors from America and Australia, know the whole controversy

France said late on Friday that it is immediately recalling its ambassadors from the US and Australia. This anger of France is about the defense deal of America and Australia, which is being seen as an economic shock for France. Britain is also involved in this deal. Recently, America, Australia and Britain have finalized a deal, which has been named Aukus. Under this deal, Australia will be given American technology to make submarines from atomic energy.

Foreign Minister Jean-Evre Drian said in a written statement that the “extraordinary decision” was “extraordinary” given the “extraordinary seriousness” of the announcements made by Australia and the United States at the request of President Emmanuel Macron.

He said the announcement of Australia’s submarine deal with the US on Wednesday is “an unacceptable behavior between allies and partners.” Earlier on Friday, a top French diplomat spoke of a “crisis” in relations with the US.

Why was France angry?

Macron has not commented on the issue since President Joe Biden announced a strategic Indo-Pacific alliance with Australia and Britain, giving France about $100 billion to build diesel-electric submarines. The deal was lost.

Understand in simple language, in reality this is a big economic blow for France, because after this deal, Australia’s $ 37 billion deal with France has ended. In 2016, this deal was signed between France and Australia, under which France would build 12 diesel-electric submarines for Australia.

Under this Ocus deal, cyber capability, artificial intelligence and other maritime technology will also be shared with Australia.

Aux deal information received a few hours ago

One of the reasons for France’s displeasure is that it was informed only a few hours before the announcement of that Ocus deal. Macron received a letter from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday morning announcing the cancellation of the France-Australia submarine deal, a French diplomat said on Friday.

Then the French officials decided to contact the US administration, to ask what was going on there. He said discussions with Washington took place just two to three hours before Biden’s public announcement.

The French diplomat said Australia had never before conveyed its desire to shift to nuclear-powered submarines to France. It was not even mentioned in a meeting between Macron and Scott Morrison in Paris on 15 June.

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