Ambani Threat Case: What is known about the role of Jaish-ul-Hind?

In this case, on 25 February, Mumbai Police denied the connection of Jaish-ul-Hind.

What did the first letter say about responsibility?

In this letter circulated in the media, it was claimed that an organization has taken responsibility for the explosive-laden vehicle outside Mukesh Ambani’s house. This letter was quoted as saying, ‘This is just the trailer, the picture remains.’

In this letter, Mukesh Ambani was further threatened and he was asked to send money to an address.

What was said in the denial letter of Jaish-ul-Hind?

This letter related to the threat to Mukesh Ambani spread rapidly in the Indian media. After this, on Monday, Jaish-ul-Hind issued a letter denying that his organization is not against any Indian business.

This organization said that, they were aware that a telegram account is running in their name. Jaish-ul-Hind said that through this poster, we want to make it clear that Jaish-ul-Hind has no connection with the incident of explosives-filled car outside Mukesh Ambani’s house. This organization said that there is no link of Jaish-ul-Hind to Telegram account and poster.

What did the police say about the letter?

According to information received from The Quint from Anti Terrorism Squad and Mumbai Police sources, the police did not see any connection with Jaish-ul-Hind in this case.

What happened in the investigation so far?

After the explosives-rich Scorpio was found outside Mukesh Ambani’s home in Antilia in Mumbai, the police had formed several teams to investigate the matter. The explosive-laden Scorpio was stolen a few days ago, while the gelatin sticks recovered in the vehicle were made at Solar Explosives Limited in Nagpur.

A letter was also recovered from this Scorpio, which states that Nita Bhabhi and Mukesh Bhaiya and the family, and the family, were threatened with death.

In this letter, it was also written that “This is a glimpse, next time this stuff will come in complete connect.” The original will arrive in the car. Arrangements have been made to blow up your entire family. Be careful, good night. “

The Mumbai Police has neither confirmed nor denied the veracity of this threatening letter recovered from the vehicle so far.

According to the IANS, there is a lot of skepticism about this vehicle seized by the police, the vehicle’s registration number is like a vehicle for the protection of the Ambani family.

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh as well as officials of the Home and Intelligence Department are monitoring the investigation into the matter.

In this case, a case is registered under various sections of IPC at Gamdevi Police Station. These include sections like explosions and criminal conspiracy.


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