Aloe Vera Village: Aloe vera growing in every courtyard and farm in this village of Jharkhand, changed the lives of women

A village in Jharkhand is known as Aloe Vera Village, because Aloe Vera is cultivated in large quantities in the village. The people of Deori village of Ranchi’s Nagari block cultivate aloe vera in all their fields and even in the courtyard. Aloe vera has become a source of income for the women of the village. Aloe vera cultivation has changed the lives of women.

The women of the village say that aloe vera has increased the value of the village in the entire state. Now people know this village as Aloe Vera Village which makes everyone proud. Aloe vera being grown in Aloe Vera Village in collaboration with Birsa Agricultural University is in demand all over Jharkhand. Women are selling aloe vera leaves for Rs 35 per kg.

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The village was named Aloe Vera Village under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)-Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) in December 2018. A few years ago, Birsa Agricultural University surveyed the fields in which it said that most of the villagers showed interest in growing aloe vera plants. After this the villagers planted aloe vera and other medicinal plants to increase their income.

Women told that irrigation is needed due to excessive sunlight. There is no cost for its plantation. Another plant is prepared from the plant, in which there is no investment and the market is also available, so what else is needed. He said that plantation work has been done from these plants in other fields as well, which will yield pleasant results.

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