After PMO’s objection, Modi’s statue disappeared overnight from a temple in Pune, NCP took a jibe

A temple of Narendra Modi was built a few days ago by a BJP workers and supporters in Pune, Maharashtra. Where the statue of the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was installed.

But this statue was removed overnight after the Prime Minister’s Office raised strong objections.

This temple was built by 37-year-old Mayur Munde, who is an old BJP worker and Modi supporter. This temple located in Aundh area of ​​Pune has cost Rs 1,60,000 to build it. The red marble of Jaipur was used for making idols and temples. Munde, who is associated with real estate, said that I think there should be a temple for the builder of Ram temple in Ayodhya. So I decided to build this temple in my premises.

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Talking to local reporters, Munde said that after becoming the Prime Minister, Modi has done a lot of development work and has successfully dealt with issues like abrogation of Article 370, construction of Ram temple and triple talaq in Jammu and Kashmir. A poem was also written on this temple about PM Modi.

After the news came in the media, the Prime Minister’s Office had raised strong objections about the temple. When people passed by on Thursday morning, the prime minister’s statue was missing. The idol was removed late on Wednesday night and the idol has been kept in the house of a BJP councilor who lives nearby.

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Let us tell you that municipal elections are to be held in Pune early next year. Keeping this in mind, the NCP had announced that they would reach the temple on Thursday morning and offer the idol of PM Modi there. Therefore, seeing the politics intensifying on this issue, the statue was removed before it was offered.

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