Afghanistan Taliban Crisis LIVE: 78 Indians arrived in Delhi from Dushanbe, three versions of Sri Guru Granth Sahib arrived from Kabul

The Taliban have camped near the Panjshir Valley and recaptured three districts in northern Afghanistan that were snatched from them by local militias last week. All this information has been given by a spokesman of the Islamic extremist organization. The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan after the fall of the US-backed Afghan government and President Ghani fled the country, ending a two-decade campaign in which the US and its allies sought to transform the war-ravaged nation. Was. The Taliban issued the first “fatwa” since their swift occupation of Afghanistan last week, with their officials in the restive Herat province banning co-education in government and private universities. Stay connected with MoneyControl Hindi for all the updates on Afghanistan…

Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis LIVE Updates:

Sardar Dharmendra Singh, one of the people who brought the three versions of Sri Guru Granth Sahib to India from Kabul said, “We left Kabul yesterday and reached India this morning. I would like to thank PM Modi, the Indian Embassy and the Indian Air Force. I am the one who helped us a lot.”

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that I would like to thank the Prime Minister who made it possible to bring our brothers in trouble from Afghanistan by conducting a rescue operation. Preparations are being made for the rest of the people as well.

Delhi: Union ministers Hardeep Singh Puri and Dharmendra Pradhan bring three forms of Sri Guru Granth Sahib from Kabul out of Delhi airport.

Afghanistan’s “caretaker” President Amrullah Saleh has highlighted the dire “humanitarian situation” in the Andrab Valley of northern Baghlan province and accused the Taliban of human rights violations in the region. Saleh said this after news of a clash between the Taliban and rival fighters in the Andrab area came to the fore. The Taliban are reportedly facing challenges from local anti-Taliban fighters in the Panjshir Valley, led by Ahmed Masood, son of prominent Taliban rival Ahmed Shah Masood.

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