Sovereign Gold Bond March 2021: Today’s chance to buy gold at a cheap price, know the rate

Sovereign Gold Bond: For the last time in the current fiscal year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has started the Sovereign Gold Bond, a cheap gold saving scheme. Under this, you can buy gold cheaply from today i.e. from March 1 to March 5, 2021 (5 days). Under this scheme, the price of 1 gram of gold has been fixed at Rs 4662. That is, the price of 10 grams of gold will be Rs 46,620. The Finance Ministry has given this information. The RBI allots gold on behalf of the government.

If you buy gold online then you will be given a discount of 50 rupees. For online investors, the issue price will be Rs 4,612 per gram i.e. Rs 46,120 per 10 gram. These Gold Bonds are issued for 8 years and there is also an option to withdraw after 5 years. Applications are issued in at least 1 gram and its multiples. Bond Price Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association Ltd. (IBJA) based on the average closing price of 999 purity gold.

Know what is Sovereign Gold Bond?

In Sovereign Gold Bonds, the investor does not get gold in physical form. It is much safer than physical gold. As far as purity is concerned, its accuracy cannot be doubted due to its electronic form. It will be subject to long-term capital gains tax after three years. At the same time, it can be used for its loan. If you talk about redemptions, you can redeem it anytime after five years.

Where to buy gold bond

You can buy this gold bond through Commercial Bank, Indian Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, some big post offices and BSE, NSE Stock Exchange. They are not sold in Small Finance Bank and Payment Bank.

How much can you buy gold

One can buy a maximum of 400 grams of gold bonds per person in a fiscal year. The minimum investment is one gram. HUFs can invest up to 4 kilograms in a fiscal year. If a trust wants, you can invest up to 20 kg of gold in this scheme.

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