How To Check LIC Policy Status? – Step By Step Process

LIC is providing the best means to their customers to opt for their services. Policyholders are coming to purchase a policy of LIC because of the services which are more feasible than any other company is giving. One of the LIC services is checking the status of different LIC policies through various modes. One can check the LIC policy status through online mode very easily. Apart from online mode, there are various options like using your mobile phone to check the LIC policy status is also available. Now we are going to discuss various methods through which one can check the LIC policy status.

Various Means To Check The Policy Status Are

To check the LIC policy status first visit LIC Portal. Hereafter scrolling down, you will get an option namely “ Customer Portal”. Click on that option and you will get directed to a new page. Here, on the right side, you will see two options mentioning “ New User” and Registered User”. Now we will see how one can check the policy status through both options.

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Registered User Can Check The LIC Policy Status Online By Following The Below Steps

Your premium payments or the schemes you are having with LIC policy could be checked very easily through online mode.


  1. First, click on the “Registered User” option on the portal there.
  2. When you click there you will get directed to a new page where you to fill a few information.
  3. Like first, select the role that you are a customer or an agent.
  4. Then you have to write your registered user Id, or mobile number or your email id.
  5. After that fill your correct password and provide you the date of birth details and click on the “Sign In” option.
  6. Now from there, you can check your various policies from various options available there like self policies, spouse policies, child policies, and all policies.

How To Register on LIC Portal? – LIC Registration Process

New Users Can Also Check LIC Policy Status

  1. Once you click on the “ New User” option you will get directed to a new page which is having a form namely “ Create your LIC Account”.
  2. There you have to provide some basic details to get registered.
  3. Details like Policy Number, Installment Premium, Date of birth, your registered mobile number and country code, your email id and passport details, along with this you have to mention your gender and the pan card number.
  4. Then you have to mark tick on the “I confirm the details option” and then click on the “Proceed” tab given below.
  5. Now you can check your policy status though the portal as you are a registered user now.

How To Check The LIC Policy Status Through Offline Mode/ Non-Registered Users

If you are not registered to check the policy status then you can do the same thing through offline mode. In offline mode, you could easily check the LIC policy status through SMS based helpline services of LIC.

Inquiry for Code Send to
IPP Policy Status Write ASKLIC <Policy Number>STAT 56767877
Existence Certificate Due Write ASKLIC<Policy Number>ECDUE 56767877
Last Annuity Released Date Write ASKLIC<Policy Number>ANNPD 56767877
Annuity Amount Write ASKLIC<Policy Number>AMOUNT 56767877
Cheque Return Information Write ASKLIC<Policy Number>CHQRET 56767877

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  1. It is a very feasible and easy method as when you have less time to go to the website and then login there at that time you can opt for this method.
  2. Different SMS codes are there depending upon the query you have. All the SMS codes along with the SMS number are mentioned in the table above.
  3. The policyholder just has to type the code for the query he or she has to make and then send it to the given number.
  4. Remember that the SMS has to be sent through the valid registered number of the LIC policy.

One Can Also Contact Customer Care To Check The LIC Policy Status

  1. The LIC services are providing information to the clients 24/7.
  2. One can check for individual Lic policy through sending SMS on 9222492224 round the clock whenever you want to get any detail.

One needs to type ASKLIC <POLICY NO> PREMIUM / REVIVAL / BONUS / LOAN / NOM and can send on the Number mentioned above.

  1. To check for Pension Policy Status type LICPension <PolicyNumber> [STAT / ECDUE / ANNPD / PDTHRU / AMOUNT / CHQRET ] and needs to send it to the number: 9222492224
  2. To handle the queries of the customers there are Customer Care Centers in all the 8 specified zones to provide the best possible information to all policyholders.

Check The LIC Policy Status Through Mobile App

One can now also check the Policy Status through the mobile app by following the below-mentioned procedure.

  1. First, you have to go to the Playstore on your android mobile phone.
  2. After that search for LIC, you will get an app named “LIC customer” and download the app.
  3. Now when you open the app you will see four options namely: know your products, quick services, registered portal users, new user registration.
  4. Select whether you are a new user or a registered user.
  5. Now you can easily check the policy by submitting the desired details asked on both options.

Check The Policy Details For Surrender Value 

This is the value that is provided to the policyholder if he or she had discontinued the policy after completion of three policy years. In this, if the policyholder has paid at least three years of premiums then they will be eligible to get an amount in return while surrendering the policy. According to the terms and conditions of the LIC policy the following method could be adopted to calculate the amount to be paid when policyholders surrender the policy.

Method to calculate the amount = Basic sum assured to be provided (Total number payable premium/Total number of paid premiums) + Total bonus received X Value factor of surrendered policy.

Therefore if you want to surrender your LIC policy and you are eligible to get the surrender amount then you can calculate the amount you will get through the above calculation method.

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1. Is there any need to check the LIC policy status?

To know about all your LIC policies you have to check the details through the LIC policy status. Even this will help to be in touch if there is any exclusion for pending dues.

2. Is the service being provided by the LIC is flexible?

Yes, the service being provided is flexible as they are providing the best service anywhere, anytime. The services are feasible to use and fast. Therefore if you want to opt for the LIC policy status check you can go for it.

3. To get the information through SMS is there is a need to get registered?

No, if you want to check the policy status through SMS services then there is no need to register at all. One just needs to send the SMS on the given number to check all the credentials.

4. Can anyone do a query from anywhere?

Yes, one can do the call from anywhere in the country and they will get assistance from the side of customer care. One just needs to follow the above-mentioned steps to make the query solved.

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