National Hydrogen Mission announced, many companies announced investment

This time on August 15, Prime Minister Modi has announced the National Hydrogen Mission. Since then green hydrogen is in discussion. After all, what is this green hydrogen and for how long will cars and trains run in the country.

The Prime Minister has expressed the intention of the country’s big leap in new energy. Green hydrogen is being seen as a cleaner source of energy than an alternative to expensive petrol and diesel. In its use, there is zero carbon emission i.e. no pollution at all. According to experts, green hydrogen will not only be cheaper than petrol diesel, but by 2030 it will start being used in running big factories along with vehicles.

Currently, two technologies are used to prepare hydrogen gas in India. Hydrogen is separated by electrolysis of water in the first, while under the second technology, hydrogen and carbon are separated from natural gas by separating the gas, while the remaining carbon is used in the auto, electronic and aerospace sectors.

PM Modi made this big announcement, 100 lakh crore rupees will be spent for infra master plan

Hydrogen mission was first announced in February this year during the general budget. Indian Oil and many big private companies have announced to make big investments in hydrogen technology.

Keeping in view the future energy needs, the target has been set to make India self-reliant in the field of energy by the year 2047 i.e. by the hundredth anniversary of independence. Along with the production of green hydrogen in the country on a large scale, there are plans to export it.

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