Know the views of leading brokerage houses on RIL’s AGM and investment advice on the stock

There was a big focus on Clean and Green Energy in Reliance AGM. The company will invest Rs 75,000 crore in three years. 4 gig factory. RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani said – India will become a stronger country by defeating Corona.

Along with this, Jio and Google introduced the fastest common Indian smartphone. Mukesh Ambani promises that Jio Next Phone will be the cheapest in the world. The customer will get Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. from September 10 this year.



MORGAN STANLEY, expressing his opinion on RIL AGM, said that the focus will be on the fast growth opportunities in clean energy. The company’s mega plan is special for the whole world. The company’s mega plan has increased the possibility of re-rating. At the same time, the picture of investment has become clear from the mega plan. The company will benefit from investing in renewable energy. There are no concerns about partnerships in the new energy business.

MORGAN STANLEY has an Overweight Rating on RIL and has a target of Rs 2,262 for the stock.

CLSA’s opinion on RIL AGM

CLSA expressed opinion on RIL AGM saying that the O2C deal with ARAMCO is expected to be completed this year. The information related to the company’s new-energy business plan is positive. JioPhone Next can prove to be a positive trigger for the company. Apart from this, the growth of retail can also prove to be a positive trigger for the company.

CLSA has outperformed RIL and has a target of Rs 2,250 for the stock.

JP MORGAN’s opinion on RIL AGM

JP Morgan, while giving his opinion on RIL AGM, has said that an investment of Rs 75000 crore in green / renewable business will prove to be a big trigger. The New Energy Business has a weightage of 100 in our target. The company is emphasizing on new investments. The new steps will increase the value of the company.

JP Morgan has maintained neutral rating on RIL and has set a target of Rs 2,250 for the stock from Rs 2055 onwards.

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