Invest in which shares before monsoon, shares that will sell tip-by-tip in monsoon

The earth will be smelling from the drops of rain. When the monsoon arrives, nature will welcome you by wrapping it in a green sheet. The weather will change due to the splashing drops of monsoon. You and I will sing songs of happiness. Will get into new mood.

This monsoon is very interesting. On one hand fills new colors in the season, on the other hand brings happiness messages for the economy. If there is greenery in the fields due to good monsoon, then the wheel of economy will also rotate rapidly. In such a situation where PROFIT will rain by TIP-TIP where the stock markets are going to be behind.

MOFSL’s HEMANG JANI, market expert SUDIP BANDOPADHYAY and GAURANG SHAH of GEOJIT FINANCIAL have joined up with CNBC-Awaaz to provide tips on profitability in the monsoon.

Hemang Jani’s tip-tip profit-sharing share of MOFSL: RALLIS INDIA

Hemang said that the company is in the business of crop protection. The company provides agri solutions to the farmers. The company has a good return ratio with 15 percent RoE and 19 percent RoCE. 10 lakh farmers are associated with the Kisan Kumbub scheme of the company, so buying in it will bring profit.

Market expert Sudeep Bandopadhyay’s tip-tip profit-making share: CHAMBAL FERTILIZERS

Sudeep said that good monsoon will increase fertilizer demand. Increasing the company’s presence will support volume. Debt has reached this low level of many years, so buy it, it will see a target of 375.

Gaurang Shah’s tip-tip profit-sharing share of GEOJIT FINANCIAL: ESCORTS

Gaurang said that one should buy in this stock. This company is the third largest tractor manufacturer in the country. 1121 percent market share in FY21. Earnings grew 60 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter of FY21. The company grew 93.5 percent in Q4 on an annual basis. At the same time, the company saw an improvement of 1.5 percent in its margins.

The government’s emphasis is on increasing agricultural production. Not only this, the company will also benefit from product mix and export growth. At the same time, the agreement with Kubota will increase export growth, although there may be problems in the supply chain for a short time.

Hemang Jani’s tip-tip profit-making share of MOFSL: SHAKTI PUMPS

Hemang said that shopping in this stock can see a target of 755. The company is in the business of making pumps and motors. The company manufactures industrial and solar pumps and equipment. There has been a CAGR growth of 134.32 percent in profits in the last 5 years. The company has a good return ratio with 25 percent RoE and 26 percent RoCE. At the same time, the valuation of the stock in the pump segment is attractive.


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